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Published on February 14th, 2020 | by Rachele Liba


“Just Own It” this Valentine’s Day with Heather Rivas + Arenas’ Latest Single

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LA based artist Heather Rivas releases her first single “Just Own It” along with a music video that will keep you strutting this Valentine’s Day. “Just Own It” is a huge leap towards self-appreciation. Not only showcasing her developing alt-pop sound but is also the first song Heather has released with her own vocals. 

In collaboration with producer Jorge Arenas, you can hear the alliance of ideas becoming one. There’s a mix of thick, saucy pop synths and rhythmically impressive drums that tastefully embellishes the bitter-sweet vocal melody. The overall sound is reminiscent of the daze, confused, and blissful states of life. In a discussion with Heather, she stated: 

“We were initially trying these moody ideas. But through the creative process, the song took on its own path and became this fun track to write. What was the start of a moody song kind of changed course and ended up having a more sonically “fun” and energetic inflection to it that I think cheered us both up. I hope it can have the same effect for someone else.” 

The whirlwind of emotions that spark the need to drive off emotions is depicted in “Just Own It”s music video directed by Kevin Bedford. Located in the isolated deserts of California, Heather alongside with expressive dancers, Laura Davich and Nadia Maryam, allow their bodies to unleash the energy influenced by Heather and Arenas’ single. Emphasizing the contrast between dark lyrics and bouncy synths, the musical mind is fully occupied. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Heather Rivas started her musical journey when she began studying piano at the age of 6. She has toured and played keys for artists such as Jacob Banks and Tonina, while also continuing to write and produce her own music in LA. Her music is influenced by a multitude of genres and by the eclectic music scene that thrives in LA. Upon graduating college she wrote, co-produced and released her first EP entitled “Licorice”. “Just Own It” is her first single showcasing her own voice. It is also the single featured off her second EP “The Way We Used to Be” releasing in March. 

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Heather Rivas, Arenas, Jorge Arenas, Just Own It

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