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Published on February 28th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


Lebraa Deville: From Homeless to Hip Hop

What’s an eviction like? Have you considered the struggles of being homeless? Many people cannot relate to these types of life experiences. However, rapper Lebraa Deville knows too much about these unfortunate situations. Lebraa has been active in entertainment for some time as an exotic dancer and a rapper.

She is also very close to her family and admits that they are one of the primary driving forces behind her persistence to make a name for herself in the industry. Her personality has always demonstrated a desired level of resilience, even during hard times, purposefully to actualize on her ambitions. What is Deville’s story like?

Lebraa Deville was a young girl, trying to explore the world before circumstances derailed her journey. The limited sources of income, combined with unemployment, meant suffering for her family. It is unfair for any child to remember being evicted and being homeless. However, Deville experienced both of these.

Eviction is an embarrassing experience! You are often forced to keep your head high and move along like nothing happened. Lebraa Deville vividly remembers finding all their household things on the lawn after their parents failed to respond to eviction warnings. This marked the start of their homelessness. Walmart parking lots and the quiet streets of Georgia offered the perfect locations to reside, usually on a temporary basis.

For some time, her parents have been the center of her inspiration to live and survive through every challenge. One of the memories stuck in Deville’s mind is when her father begged for money. The police had cautioned him about the illegal parking incidents, and he was almost arrested after a confrontation with them. The desperation to survive prompted him to consider a move that many deem to be humiliating. He had to get some money, fuel the family van and move it to another spot.

To make matters worse, her parents were usually involved in marital feuds that eventually led to their separation. This was a new level of distress that no one was prepared for. Lebraa Deville had to be a mentally strong teenager, an attribute that she has sustained for many years.

She has no regrets or anger having gone through these situations. However, family was more important to her, and she did everything possible to have a positive impact. While her mother was looking for jobs, Deville was busy taking care of her siblings. She had to attend school and do her homework, most times in a van or uncomfortable place. Interestingly enough, none of her friends knew that she was homeless. Lebrille Deville was used to this lifestyle, her beacon for prosperity, eventually, was hope!

She came out of all these as a responsible, grateful and appreciative person. Lebrille Deville understands basic virtues that make us human, regardless of circumstances that define our existence. Her rapping career is proof of this. Proof that we can move beyond our hurdles, aspire, and dream.

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