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Published on February 25th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Life Lessons, Longevity & Undeniable Skill – Rapper YONAS Celebrates Years Of Milestones In New Single “OMG”

YONAS presents an impressive ability to maintain longevity, drive, and a creative uniqueness that is relatively unmatched in today’s music industry. His versatile way of blurring lines between Pop and Hip Hop makes him appealing to a wide demographic and his music has a way of staying positive in a world that has become largely anxious and turbulent. Armed with thought-provoking lyrics, infectious melodies, & trendsetting career instincts, YONAS is paving his own path as a Pop/Hip Hop crossover artist without having to sacrifice integrity or musicality. His innate ability to relate to a wide array of people has allowed him the experience to perform for fans all over the world. Having just returned from his second headlining tour through Europe, it’s clear that while he’s maintained success in this industry for a while – YONAS is really just getting started.

His latest single “OMG” dipped into his Bronx grit with vocals that punch and lyrics that stick. Maintaining his positive ethos, YONAS celebrates years of milestones and achievements in this track, leaving fans saying “OMG” as in “Oh my god – they pulled it off”. The progress is impossible to ignore and while most end the decade with a celebration, YONAS kicks it off with one. Because what a better way to ring in a new chapter then ceremoniously right? The song begins with a suspenseful build, leading right into YONAS’ confident delivery.

“Woah, shorty drop it like she spilt somethin’ / Started from the bottom then I built something’”

¾ of the way through, the track takes on a catchy-pop production, showing us a lighter more care-free side of YONAS. Is this a tease for new sounds to come?

“What’s my name, you know me / I’m blowing up, girl it ain’t lowkey / You could roll, roll with me / She turned around said OMG”

He has put so much time into crafting a career, building a fan base & studying and perfecting the craft;  and now he’s happily seeing the fruits of his labor.

“I’m speaking for the next generation of artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. I’m talking to the women of the world who not only kill it in the boardroom, but like to enjoy themselves out in the city.”

Having collaborated with some of the top names in music and acquiring 500 million + digital streams cross-platform, easily places YONAS at the top of the pack. “OMG” follows his most recent release “Karate Kid” which received high praise from outlets such as Forbes; it also follows his second headline tour through Europe. YONAS has had the distinction of sharing studios and stages with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Logic, B.O.B, Macklemore, Schoolboy Q and many more. He has also earned prime exposure through features and song placements with MTV U, Pepsi, Fuse TV, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” and Warrior Sports.

Originally from the South Bronx, YONAS got his start in music at a very young age. Being a promising young violinist, he spent his childhood practicing up to four hours a day all the while attending a special program at Julliard to perfect his craft. He’d perform at venues like Carnegie Hall, devouring the dazzling emotive melodies of the classical music canon. While his disciplined beginnings are reflected in his current drive and ambitious character, he can’t forget the time his teenage-self smashed his violin, diverting his attention to basketball and girls. It wasn’t until the passing of his father that he discovered Hip Hop could be an outlet for unresolved feelings; it was then that he brought himself back to his musical roots.

Weekly rap battles and hours of disciplined practicing helped him perfect his rhyme schemes and flow. It wasn’t long until YONAS began to stand out, so he knew he had to take his skills to the studio. In the early 2000’s, he recorded his first tracks. Sensing a shift in the music business toward artist’s empowerment, he immediately dove into the uncharted waters. Equipping himself with the knowledge to market and monetize his music properly was essential. YONAS delivered a series of banging releases not knowing that he was steadily building his now rabidly dedicated fanbase.

From his breakthrough with his imaginative remix of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” to today’s “OMG”, YONAS’s continued success has not gone unnoticed. He’ll continue to blur the lines between Hip Hop and Pop in his upcoming EP, set to release this spring. In this stage of music, it’s important to YONAS to share his gratitude and to be even more purposeful so that he, as a new father, can pass long little gems of life lessons that his daughter can grab onto.

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