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Q&A: On-The-Go share new single ‘Unsaid’

Taken from their forthcoming full-length of the same title, Russian quartet On-The-Go shares new single and album “Unsaid.”

Using electronica, pop, and folk influences, the new track projects powerful energy; mixing sonic surges with upbeat string melodies. Frontman Yura Makarychev’s vocals are robust, as he revisits the memory of his loved ones who are no longer in the picture. The track surrounds the feelings of regret of longing to tell them something, but never could.

Speaking about the track, Yura says – “We wanted to make sure that each song is based on specific ideas, and lyrics with the rhythm, and melody forming around the subject.”

This comes before the release of their new album, titled “Unsaid”, where the songs tackle a variety of subjects, including relationships and politics. On the new album, the band says – “we wanted to make sure that each song is based on specific ideas and lyrics with the rhythm and melody forming around the subject.”

How did you begin writing and playing instruments together?

Well, it was a long time ago and with some of the guys we’ve already tried writing music together in other local bands. Then I brought in my younger brother Max and all of us started aiming for something new and bigger. We began playing together regularly at our drummer’s garage. It resulted in our first EP, then the internet did the rest.

Where do you draw inspiration from mostly to help you write?

Real life situations, things you feel connected to, long walks, long showers and talking to people.

Was the recording process any different for ‘Unsaid’ compared with previous records?

It was different in so many ways, we basically decided to turn the whole routine upside down this time to make it more interesting and exciting. When the approach is new to you, you learn a lot about yourself in the process, it makes the experience priceless. Previously we always began songs with musical ideas: beats, loops, melodies, even sound effects and at the end we were trying hard to put a story and some sense into it. Sometimes it worked pretty good for us and sometimes it didn’t. So this time we tried to stick to a traditional singer-songwriter method – storytelling first, and it was a completely new territory for us. I decided to write every piece on the album beginning with just poetry and then developing the song together with the rest of the band. We also worked with a new sound-producer, Sasha Xuman, at his countryside studio and this place is just great. We’ve enjoyed working on this record like we never had before.

What record from the album are you most proud of and why?

It’s hard to pick just one, because we didn’t make any exceptions and put everything we could into each song on the album so every single one of them is special in its own way. But personally I would choose ‘Alone’, because this song has it all. It was written so naturally with everyone involved and so many decisions were made right on the spot and this whole experience was kind of hypnotically magical. Also when we play it live it gets very intense every single time.

‘Unsaid’ the single is available to stream now. New Album ‘Unsaid’ is available on the 28th February 2020.

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