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Published on February 24th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Teeklef’s Debut Album Room 2027 is a Celebration of Letting Go of Life’s Burdens

Room 2027 Art

Room 2027 is the debut album from Teeklef, out February 28 on all streaming services. It is a deeply personal album, tracing Teeklef’s struggle through a messy and painful divorce and custody battle over the last few years. It includes recordings of the artist’s conversations with a therapist as he works through the stages of grief in his relationship and his life.

Teeklef is a Nigerian native, born and raised in the city of Lagos, where he grew up playing music in the church and singing in the choir. As he developed his musical chops, he also became a dynamic performer, ultimately winning a contest that landed him airtime on Nigerian music television shows. At 18, Teeklef left his home country for the US, relocating to Indianapolis, where he now lives as an American citizen. Having released a series of singles over the last few years and turned down a label deal that promised to take all his intellectual property, offering little in return, he chose the more difficult path of staying independent.

After releasing the Afrobeat single “Apart” in collaboration with Jillionaire of Major Lazer, he found several markets in Europe connecting with his music, and began spending time in Iceland, Norway, and Amsterdam, where he now works with numerous local musicians.

After a long and difficult couple of years, Teeklef is ready to celebrate with this release deeply personal and autobiographical debut. Featuring the singles ‘This Side’ and ‘With The Recipe’, the record is a Hip-Hop and R&B vibe all the way through, and offers a deeply reflective message through energetic and shiny production.

Teeklef: Room 2027 – 2/28/2020 via HipNavi Sound
Official Tracklist
1) Intake Assessment (Denial) 2) Right Here
3) XO
4) Last Night In Paris
5) She Knows How to Get At You (Anger) 6) Maybe
7) I Like My Life
8) Why Doesn’t She See Me (Bargaining) 9) Like Me
10) And Then Something Happens (Depression) 11) What Would Drake Say?
12) The Biggest Shift (Acceptance)
13) With The Recipe
14) This Side
15) Wins & Losses
16) 24/7
17) Outtake Assessment (Outro)


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