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Atlanta Rapper Young Quael Talks New Video, Finding Balance & Being From The South

Atlanta based songwriter and rapper Young Quael is ready to shake the music industry up like never before. Being a gifted writer and lyricist has opened many doors for him to win as an artist who is trying to create generational wealth for himself.

I had the esteemed pleasure of catching up with Young Quael for a short interview below. As he openly discusses his new Off On A Tuesday video, being a southern creative and finding balance in the music industry, it is clear that he was born to win in music.

Young Quael Interview 

Hype: What made you want to pursue a career in music?

Quael: Honestly music really saved my life. The short version, I was a former athlete went to college to play football at TSU and things didn’t pan out the way I wanted. I gave up the ball playing dream and sort of felt empty.

Playing ball was all I knew my whole life so to not be doing it, I felt incomplete. I had a few friends who messed around with music and I went to studio one day with them and they were like man you’re pretty good at this” and I just stuck with it. Music gave me that fire again, that passion to want to be better!

I loved the way it made me feel and most importantly I saw the impact on others my music had. It connected me to the world and I love that. I could make a difference to people I never even knew. And they understood my music. They understood me.

Hype: As you do multiple things in the industry including songwriting, hosting and recording music, how are you able to find balance?

Quael: Whew! Sometimes it does get crazy lol but its what I asked for so I’m grateful for the grind. I find days where I literally wake up, write music, record music, go host an event, and back to recording music all in one day. I love it its fun to me so I make time for it all!

I know where I want to go so I’m always willing to put in the work even if it means sacrificing sleep.

Hype: With your new visual “Off On A Tuesday” what was the inspiration behind this visual especially since you shot it in downtown Nashville?

Quael: Really I just wanted the emphasis to be on the lyrics in the song and capture my everyday environment that I’ve grown up in. Nashville is my home currently and plays a huge part in my journey. So to showcase the city, its streets, lights, etc. was dope. It is a beautiful city.

Hype: Who are some artists that inspire you musically?

Quael: I don’t think I have any one specific artist because I listen to so much music. So many influence different parts of my style
But to name a few and why, I have came up with my top 4 musical influences below in no particular order.

Young Quael’s Musical Influences 

1. Andre 3000 because of his uniqueness wordplay, and ability to always be himself.

2. Lil Wayne is an influence to me because he single handily took over the mixtape game and made himself, wordplay, and work ethic thrive.

3. Jay-Z obviously because of his business mindset, and he is the first artist I heard evoke pure emotion and discuss relationships in a song. I resonate so much with his hot single “Song Cry”.

4. Tupac is a huge inspiration to me because of his poetry prowess, and passion for creating high quality content no matter what state he was in mentally emotionally or physically. 

Hype: How did you catch your break in the industry or are you still looking for that big break?

Quael: Currently I’m working on everything I can to get that “big break” whether as the next big artist  orsongwriter I just want the world to hear me.

Hype: How has your southern upbringing prepared you for the position you are in currently?

Quael: I just think growing up in the south adds so much flavor. We are innovators, risk takers, and as you can see the music game has been dominated for the last few decades by the south musically so it is what it is.

Hype: What can we expect from Young Quael in 2020?

In 2020 you can expect new music, new videosnew shows and prayerfully big placements with my writing as well. We working all year long!

To learn more about Young Quael’s rise to fame in the music industry press play on his “Off On A Tuesday” video and follow him on social media @youngquael.

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