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Published on March 18th, 2020 | by Rive


Hot Mulligan has shared the video for new single “*Equip Sunglasses*” – Off their recently dropped album You’ll Be Fine

“*Equip Sunglasses*” follows the release of “BCKYRD” and “Feal Like Crab“, which was a hit with fans and made UPROXX’s Best New Indie Music of the week.

“I think it’s our best work yet,” says guitarist and vocalist Chris Freeman about the upcoming album “The songs are more dynamic. The lyrics are more diverse in subject matter than anything we’ve done in the past. Overall, it just feels like a more complete Hot Mulligan album; it has some new elements to it, and musically it goes places we haven’t gone since before our last record.”

Having song titles that sometimes tell a story themselves, it is no surprise that Hot Mulligan’s music follows suit. Using them as an outcry of growth from a generation in desperate need for hope. Members Tades Sanville, Chris Freeman, Ryan Malicsi, Garrett “Sniff” Willig, and Brandon Blakeley – use the lessons they’ve learned in life, to pursue their dreams, all while being fully aware of the world around them.

The pop-punk band gave the music video for “Equip Sunglasses” — premiering on Billboard – a throwback feel, hanging out around a red ’67 Chevy Camaro while rocking black leather jackets and, of course, black sunglasses. But the Hot Mulligan guys (lead singer Nathan “Tades” Sanville, guitarist/vocalist Chris Freeman, guitarist Ryan Malicsi, bassist Garrett “Sniff” Willig and drummer Brandon Blakeley) also let their eccentric personalities shine in the video, finding funny ways to, well, equip sunglasses.

“When we were writing the song, we felt like it had the type of groove that made you want to put on sunglasses, so we just ran with that without over-complicating anything or creating a real story line,” Freeman tells Billboard in a statement. The random ideas came from both the band and the video’s director, Michael Herrick, who suggested that the guys fan each other with giant leaves — which ended up being one of their favorite scenes.

The quirky video offers a lighthearted metaphor for the song’s deeper meaning, “about the sort of anger and paranoia you get from always having eyes on you,” Sanville explains. “It’s both rejection and fear of mob mentalities.”

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