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Published on March 11th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


Leila Sunier Releases Vulnerable Debut EP ‘If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise’

They say some things are better left unsaid. Not so for songwriter Leila Sunier— the things we’re afraid to talk about the Los Angeles-based artist embraces in her boldly vulnerable songwriting.

Leila Sunier’s debut EP release, If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise, out now, is a deep, multi-dimensional expression of the heart through art. She is an artist that manages to explore inner turmoil with a coming together of sublime beauty and intrepid emotionality. She does this through both the lyrics and her expansive, four-octave range that encompasses the sweet soprano stylings of Joni Mitchell to the smoldering sensitivity of Fiona Apple.

The lead single, “Let Me”, boasts a rousing duality—it begins as a cozy folk tune and then soars off into the stratosphere with ambient electropop hooks. The peaks and valleys approach extends throughout the song and mirrors the thematic unrest within its lyrics. “The song is about being attracted to someone who would be terrible for you,” Leila admits. “I wrote it while I went on a walk to clear my head and saved it on a voice memo.”

Leila is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and formally schooled singer, songwriter, and producer. She brings all of these talents to play on this project, co-produced with Daniel Loumpouridis (Louis The Child/Nick Leng). In addition she is an accomplished visual artist and has prepared a series of images in conjunction with her six-song EP.A select cross-section of her influences includes the aforementioned Mitchell and Apple, as well as Radiohead, Sharon Van Etten, and Florence and the Machine. To date, Leila has issued a pair of independently produced and released singles, “Could Be” and “Telephone Tag”.The title of Leila’s EP, If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise, works on dual levels. She produced the album at her apartment so there’s some ambient noise she had to contend with—that’s one level of white noise. The other is the jumble of uncomfortable emotions and voices in our head. These are the feelings and thoughts we push away and blot out with unhealthy habits.

Growing up, Leila couldn’t look people in the eye or hold a conversation, but as early as third grade she discovered music as a meaningful outlet to connect with people. At 14, she began putting music to her story filled notebook. She continued that process at home not sure she was ready to share the raw emotions contained in her journals. During high school she shifted her academic attention to painting, and became known for that medium. She fully embraced her love of music once at college. “Music is collaborative, and I thought if I only painted I would forever be alone,” she says, laughing. Nursing her heart after a post-college breakup she rediscovered painting. These days she pursues both artistic disciplines.

If Only To Bleed Out The White Noise represents a milestone moment for Leila as it’s a safe space where music, painting, and emotional authenticity artfully coexist, and it’s the first step in her professional musical career. “This is the culmination of the last few years of growth and creativity. I’m really proud of this music, and I’m ready to share more.”


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