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Meet Brooklyn Rapper Saint Hill

Drawing inspiration from hip-hop legends Notorious B.I.G, Jay Z and the “golden age” of rap music, Saint Hill has taken cues from the greats and has created his own lane in hip-hop.

Capturing attention with his clever wordplay, technical skill and incredible breath control, Saint Hill has quickly earned the respect from his peers and is on a path of taking his talent to the next level. His debut EP The Essence showcases his talents and proves that he’s a blossoming artist out of the New York rap scene.

Congrats on the release of your debut EP The Essence! How does it feel to finally have your project out in the world?

It’s an amazing feeling! Having the opportunity to see people enjoy the music that you’ve spent so much time putting work in to, its definitely a rewarding moment!

Your single ‘Ain’t Got Time’ was created for the League of Legends soundtrack. How did this opportunity arise? Are you a gamer yourself?

This opportunity came about when linking up with Players Republik. It was the perfect collaboration especially because I’m a gamer myself, so I was able to relate and bring out my gamer side through the music. It felt natural because that’s something I actually do from time to time, where I may make references to games or characters from them in my bars. But I have to admit, this opportunity was on a whole different scale!

What brought you to music, specifically?

I think my passion for music and how it makes me feel as a listener is what pushed me to start actually creating it myself. It became the perfect creative outlet for me to touch on any emotion or topic I may feel at any given time. Then there’s also the sport of it, the technical and skillful side of coming up with creative ways to say what you mean, and that’s something I always enjoyed.

Which East Coast rappers did you listen to the most growing up? Do they have any influence on your sound?

The east coast rappers I listened to the most growing up were Biggie, Jay-Z and Fabolous. I think they’re the G.O.A.Ts out of the east coast, and they definitely have an influence on my sound. They are prime examples of artist who possess the ability to switch up and create new flows, as well as hit you with bars that’ll have you screwing up your face because it was so hard.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced getting to where you are now?

Biggest obstacle I faced has been keeping up with the demand for content. The way people digest content now-a-days is at a super fast pace! It’s almost as if they’re always hungry for more and want something new everyday! I understand it though. We live in a world of things being “On Demand” now, so I get it, but it is difficult to accept sometimes, especially since I care so much about the quality.

With the current state of the world under the COVID-19 pandemic, how has this affected independent artists and how can we help?

I think the current COVID-19 pandemic has hindered certain moves for independent artist, especially with the inability to go out and network, or perform at shows and other ways to get your name out. On the flip side, it should give the opportunity to work on new content they may have wanted to focus on without some of the outside distractions. Almost everyone is online and social media all day at this point, so that’s also something to pay attention to. That’s where you guys can help especially as a digital media outlet! Continue to support independent, up and coming artist such as myself, because trust me, we appreciate the support 100%!

How have you been dealing with the situation?

I’ve been using the time in the house to work on new music. I’ve had a few producers sending me beat packages, so I’ve been browsing a bunch of those, and when something stands out, I just put it to the side. Then I go through all the beats I like and brainstorm ideas for new tracks or start writing off of how the beat makes me feel.

What do you want people to get from your music?

What I want people to take away from my music is the authenticity! I want them to enjoy it, feel the passion that goes into it, the flows, the bars, the stories, and I think there’s something that everyone can relate to!


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