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Published on March 24th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


THE WILDFIRES PROJEKT Premiere New Single on New Noise Magazine

The Wildfires Projekt has shared the 2nd single from their new EP, From Which We Came. Fans can stream “Open Heart // Closed Casket” on New Noise Magazine. From Which We Came is set to be released on April 7th, 2020, and has recently been featured on Alternative Press. For more information on The Wildfires Projekt, please visit


Johnny Zirkel shares: “’Open Heart // Closed Casket’ is an intense, emotional drama that feels like you’re going from the Notebook to a terrifying nightmare.


About The Wildfires Projekt:

The Wildfires Projekt is creating modern anthems for a culture molded by anxiety, depression, and addiction. Not afraid to tackle controversial subjects, TWP delivers honest and emotional music in a time where it’s needed most.


Often times artists aren’t able to truly express themselves with their music because they are told to write in a way that fits into a certain “tried and true” mold. But what happens when that mold is broken? Chaos or beauty?” shares Johnny Zirkel. “With this record, Ronnie and I explored breaking that mold. We made decisions that would not be expected by most listeners, and I believe that in doing so we were able to deliver a record so honest that the lyrics aren’t the only thing speaking the message, but the music as well.


TWP is not the first time Johnny has tackled these issues. Having co-founded the internationally recognized nonprofit Reverse The Trend, over the past five years Johnny has helped bring anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs to over 400 schools nationwide, as well as Van’s Warped Tour.


From Which We Came was co-written and produced by Ronnie Winter (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus). Winter shares: “Working with JZ was fun and efficient in every way. He showed up day 1 with waves of great sounding templates so we hit the ground running and actually started real tracking the first session.


He continues: “It’s rare to meet someone who’s passion to achieve is equal to their willingness to work hard for that same goal. I look forward to watching The Wildfires Projekt grow. I’ll be there in the shadows eating popcorn with a smile on my face watching the kids sing and scream along to this live.”

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From Which We Came Tracklisting:

  1. Eve Black
  2. White Jacket
  3. Open Heart // Closed Casket
  4. Against the Wall
  5. Once an Addict Always Dramatic
  6. Eyes Sewn Shut

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