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Published on March 17th, 2020 | by Allison Kugel


Who is Cloe Luv and Why Should We Follow Her Lead?

Brooklyn Activist, music impresario and entrepreneur, Cloe Luv, is transforming the lives of New York City women with her Brooklyn incubator while helping to change the face of the music industry.

A trendy storefront property nestled in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn has become ground zero for women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, thanks to the vision of entrepreneur, activist and music executive, Cloe Luv. She’s managed to transform a storefront property in Brooklyn into what has been dubbed “Cloe’s Corner,” a thriving co-working community serving women of all backgrounds and ethnicity, but focused on ethnically and financially disadvantaged women in need of a leg up in their respective industries.

Tag teamed with Cloe’s Corner is Luv’s 501c3 non-profit organization, Women with Voices, which is a driving force behind her powerful movement to help large numbers of women achieve their professional and financial goals. “With Cloe’s Corner and Women With Voices, I wanted to create spaces to offer positive energy to all women. I also believe in being inclusive to men. Aside from my mom, my husband is my biggest cheerleader,” says Luv.

“Our motto with Women With Voices is pro us’ doesn’t mean ‘anti him.’ We need everyone on board, for women to succeed. I really want to play a role in rewriting the history of women’s empowerment. We need to also teach men what it means to support women. We have, both, women and men teaching courses and speaking at Cloe’s Corner.”

CLOE’S CORNER provides a progressive co-working and co-collaborative environment for female entrepreneurs to access, not only a productive workspace environment, but ongoing mentorship, lectures, financial literacy training and other necessary skills. In line with our current times, Luv is aware that there are times that her members will need to work remotely, and she and her team are hard at work implementing a digital version of a co-working community, where women can access similar resources online without having to be at Cloe’s Corner on any given day. The first initiative for this digital roll out will be her WUW mobile app, an acronym, she says, for “Women Uplifting Women.”

Luv recently told News 12 Brooklyn, “We’re geared towards closing the gap between women’s businesses that are failing in the first two years, due to a lack of resources and lack of training.” The best part, states Luv, is that the borough of Brooklyn, New York wholly stands behind her with individual donations to Women With Voices topping $500 to $1,000 per individual donation. A recent corporate donation provided by Playboy Enterprises was in the $10,000 range, she says.

As if this wasn’t enough, Cloe Luv has made a name for herself in music with her Brooklyn-based Brook Brovaz music studio, which has seen the likes of Foxy Brown and Slick Rick among other artists recording their music at the facility. They have now revamped as a music production studio for the Brook Brovaz, a team of celebrated beat masters and music composers whose musical scores have been used by television shows, films and advertisements around the world. From Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Love and HipHop, the Brook Brovaz have provided sound tracks for some of the most popular shows on television.

It’s no wonder Luv was able to make such strides in the music industry. Growing up a self-described “studio brat,” Luv says, “I logged countless hours in recording studios around New York as a kid, watching my father, who was a successful recording engineer and background vocalist, lay down tracks for artists like Bobby Brown, K-Ci and Jojo and Wu Tang Clan.” The legendary James Brown was Luv’s great uncle.

Luv recently executive produced the Brook Brovaz new album, A Brooklyn Summer.


Cloe Luv is a representative for the new face of America. Her many ventures are an organic outgrowth of her entrepreneurial acumen. Former New York City Mayor and would-be 2020 presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg’s, team recognized the work Cloe is doing with Cloe’s Corner, and his now suspended presidential campaign used Cloe’s Corner as their campaign headquarters, giving Luv unprecedented access to the ear of Bloomberg’s team on how his organization can better serve women and minorities.

“Watching the evolution of my composing artists, the Brook Brovaz continue to grow,” states Luv. “They are multifaceted in music which makes them true artists and composers.”

As far as the future of Cloe’s Corner and Women With Voices, Luv feels that both her co-working community and women’s non-profit have the potential to franchise nationwide, and eventually global. “Further developing the Cloe Luv brand with more memberships and courses and developing our WUW (Women Uplifting Women) app and rolling it out is something I am very excited about.”

To learn more about Cloe’s Corner and Women With Voices, visit CloesCorner.com. Follow Brook Brovaz and stream their album, Brooklyn Summer @BrookBrovaz.

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