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The Music Concierge TreyWill

As a young, equipped talent in the music industry; Treywill is equipped to entertain the most diverse crowd of individuals through his music. Hedging from a background of hard work and
persistence; this upcoming musician, entrepreneur and creative writer is taking the right strides to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Born and raisedin Warner Robins, Gerogia, TreyWill aka Robert Williams, uses music to overcome adversity and to catch curve balls life has thrown him. After relocating to Virginia; Treywill realized it was time to become a student of his craft and continuously educate himself on the many components that develop and maintain the entertainment industry. Even through hard times; TreyWill uses his experiences as fuel and doesn’t let anything deter him away from achieving his dreams. Treywill’s continuous journey instills the talent of patience, regardless of all challenges that arise.

Treywill’s latest single “Silencio” has dropped
March 6th of this year, following up with his curation of several other projects, including his anticipated EP.  Treywill apart from other artists are  creativity, lyrical delivery, and willingness to create a personal connection with his listeners through his music sets him apart from his counterparts in the music industry. His next project is currently in the works and is set to be released later this year.

The Hype has chatted with Trey Will regarding his past , present and what is to come in the near future.

Hype: When did you realize your passion for music and the entertainment industry?

TreyWill: I’ve always had a passion for music. All my life honestly, I just could never picture myself doing it. In 2017, I had a lot of free time on my hands and I needed something to keep me busy. I tried making a song and during that process, it made me free. That’s when I realize music was meant for me, I was able to express my bottled up emotions through lyrics.

Hype: Tell us about your upbringing in Warner Robins, GA. Were there any hardships that you’ve had to faced that prepared you for the obstacles you may have endured throughout your career this far? 

TreyWill: My upbringing was pretty dope. To see my parents work hard and support us, seeing the family elevate years after moving from house to house but every move was for the better. We upgraded the house size every time we moved so that was cool. But getting adjusted to new schools year after year was tough. By the time I was a teenager, we were stable. My parents owned their own company where business was booming, and we started living a life of I guess you could say privilege. The last 10 years since I was 18 prepared me for this-understanding you gotta work for everything.

Hype: Are there any misconceptions that you have experienced when it comes to the entertainment industry?

TreyWill: At this point, not really. It’s all what I thought it would be, the only thing I can say is people’s word is not always their word.

Hype: Congratulations on your newest single ”Silencio”! (Released March 6th) Can you take us through the process on how Silencio was created? 

TreyWill: My engineer and I were vibing in the studio, we were sipping on some Hennessy. I literally just went in and tried different words trying to find my pocket. My phone was ringing a lot in the studio, so I put it on silent. And I just wanted females to be in a males position for a minute. They always tell us we on our phones so much and we show them no attention, so I just flipped the roles.

Hype: What is your favorite single that you have created this far?

TreyWill: IGYB would still have to be my favorite single because it’s me by myself, I put the most effort in for this song, invested the most money, and the results showed up for me in return on invest. The process of creating that song everything was one take, and first time I was ever in my locked in that much.

Hype: Who are your biggest inspiration within the music industry and
in general?

TreyWill: Lil Baby, Yung Bleu, Da Baby, Meek Mill,  Jay-Z, P Diddy.

Hype: Is there any advice you would like to give to upcoming artist trying
to establish themselves?

Find yourself a team that care about your success and nothing more, find that and find it early. Be open to new things because you never know what door can lead you to something great.
Also, do your research.

Hype: What can the Hype Magazine and your followers expect from
TreyWill in the future? 

TreyWill: My new project is set to drop April 3rd, A lot of visuals 2020, A lot of music, A lot of consistency, and more shows.


Treywill’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Soundcloud. Keep an eye out for this action-packed Music Artist on all social media platforms: @darealtreywill


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