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Published on April 10th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Chris Yangello’s Incredible Journey As A Millenial Influencer

Content creation is mostly about being creative and passionate about your work. When you come up with something fresh and amazing, your content gets the much-deserved attention. As an artist and a creative person, you are able to draw accolades from both fans and critics. This is something every artist desires for, and Chris Yangello is no different. This young prodigy is already making headlines with his unmatched talent and creativity. At just 16 years old, the amount of success he has achieved is absolutely impressive.

Chris Yangello is a video content creator from the world of Sony Music Entertainment. Talents like Chris just need the right kind of platform to showcase their ability, talent, and creative flair. In this regard, he has been quite fortunate for sure. Working under the REDMusic Label for Sony is something many budding artists would desire. Chris grabbed this opportunity and made the most out of it. Besides pursuing his passion, Chris is also continuing his studies at the Devon Preparatory School. While his friends are still juggling with the different aspects of high school life, Chris is busy making videos for his clients.

So, what motivated Chris Yangello to take up this profession? How did he start his journey in the field of video content creation? Well, right from his childhood days, Chris has been quite talented in cinematography. In this regard, Chris says, “I am very fortunate to have such extremely supportive and loving parents. Both my father and mother have always encouraged me to pursue my passion. Without their backing, it would not be been possible for me to achieve so much in so little time. I would also like to thank Ellen Wilson from Sony Music, not only for giving me the opportunity to prove myself but also for guiding me in the right direction.”

One of the main reasons we need to promote fresh and young talent is because of the kind of uniqueness that they bring to the creative platform. Video content creation and its techniques need to be revamped from time to time. Otherwise, things might turn out to be mundane. Lack of creativity is not at all good for the world of entertainment. This is why new talents like Chris Yangello must be provided with the best platform to begin with.

Till now, Chris Yangello has created music videos for famous artists like Jake Miller, Lil Skies, Lovely The Band, and Lost Boy. He has also taken part in some of the most prominent music festivals like Firefly, Coachella, and America Music Festival. The social media presence of Chris is equally impressive. His follower base of 150,000 is a clear indication of his popularity. With the passage of time, his popularity and skills are definitely going to soar high. We hope that Chris will continue to entertain and amaze us with his unique skills and hard work.

Learn more about Chris on his website here.

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