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Colacoast Entertainment is Cooking Up Good Music with New Single “If I Want To”

With its first release of 2020, independent music label, Colacoast Entertainment serves the Midwest with Gulf Coast flavor, dropping a new triple-threat banger, “If I Want To.” Mixed with a thick roux, “If I Want To” features Detroit’s most vicious lyrical assassin, Vessel Corleon, Detroit Diamond, the hottest topic and veteran producer, Da Gumbo Kooker,

Native, independent diva, Detroit Diamond, first built her reputation in college while playing basketball at UWF in Pensacola, FL. Formerly known for breaking ankles in the NCAA, she has now taken her swift crossover from the blacktop to the recording studio. After a whole summer (2019) of dominating Hot Hip Hop Detroit’s 107.5 Friday night cyphers, Diamond caught the attention of Peppa Trill McCoy. “Diamond is a rare gem,” says Colacoast CEO. Like vs1’s on a chandelier, Diamond’s vocals shine brightly throughout the arrangement of Da Gumbo Kooker’s uptempo beat patterns and bass-heavy melodies.  She laces “If I Want To” like a pair of Jordans on MC Light’s feet.

Detroit, the “no fly zone,” is considered one of the toughest cities in America; yet, it has produced some of the greatest artists to ever be recorded. “Cant even GPS, my block ain’t got no street signs. Now call the boyz up, and tell em that it’s dinner time!” raps Vessel Corleone. In the midst of a global pandemic, the life-threatening coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a complete shutdown of society. Call it serendipity, but Vessel appears on “If I Want To” as a prelude to his upcoming debut album, “Shut Off Notice.” Raised on the Westside, considered to be one of Detroit’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Vessel Corleon depicts the harsh reality of life with utter conviction. His sharp lyrics embellish the track from the perspective of a hustler with a gangster’s mentality. However, Vessel’s clever wordplay and technical delivery showcase a flamboyance only found in the D.

“The inspiration for “If I Want To,” is my understanding of music culture, and an uncanny ability to customize the natural vibe of the music and capture that experience on a record,” says Peppa Trill McCoy, CEO of Colacoast Entertainment. “The song title, the artists, the verses, the song structure and arrangement are all a reflection of that vibe, which is an aggressive uptempo banger that goes with the streets, the club, and the radio, so I was like, I can do it, “If I Want To.” The proof is the fact that it’s done. ”

The music video, directed and shot by Bless Vision Productions, pays homage to the city of Motown by capturing the essence of its unique and vivid culture. With a rich history of pain and struggle, the joys of music still grow from the midst of dilapidated skyscrapers. Videographer, Nino Bless creates an action packed highlight reel of Detroit’s hotspots, featuring some of the cities key players along with behind the scenes footage of recording the song. “If I Want To” is available on all major platforms.

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