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Dr. Pamela Gurley: The Unapologetic Entrepreneur

Beyonce said it perfectly when she sang “Who Run the World, GIRLS!” And Dr. Pamela Gurley is the perfect example of why this statement reigns true.

Dr. Pamela Gurley, who is affectionately referred to as Dr. P. Gurley is extremely unapologetic about the way in which she chooses to live her life. Finding success in her career as a speaker, author, professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, founder of Clark Hill Enterprise LLC, founder of IAmDrPGurley, founder of the [email protected] merchandise brand, co-founder and co-host of the Herspiration Happy Hour podcast, content writer, and business blogger, Dr. P. Gurley has definitely become a force in business that cannot go unnoticed.

I got the opportunity to sit down with this maven and really find out what drives her passion for entrepreneurship.

Who is Dr. Pamela Gurley?

Dr. Pamela Gurley: To be honest, yes… I wear a lot of hats when it comes to my professional life. But I am a free spirit who loves to travel, eat good food, and is extremely family-oriented. There are so many parts of me that make up who I am, so I have to make sure that the fun balances out the business. I love people and I value life at a very high level. I value the life and time that I get to spend with different people.

What one word would you use to describe yourself? And why?

Dr. Pamela Gurley: Authentic. I use that term because being authentic is a high priority for me as well as it allows me to love every part of me. The only way that I know how to give myself to people is in a very raw, authentic form. That is part of my “[email protected]” brand. I truly live in a very authentic space.

I notice you like the word “Unapologetic.” Why that word? I’m intrigued to know more.

Dr. Pamela Gurley: I feel that for so long I lived my life always trying to make other people happy which in turn made me a very unhappy person. During that time in my life, I had a hard time dealing with who I was. I was definitely putting out some not-so healthy vibes. Academically and professionally I was excelling, but personally I was drowning. I cared way to much about what people thought about me to where I became only focused on pleasing others, which ultimately ended up breaking me down. Hence, never again will I be apologetic about the way I choose to live my life. I am different and I own it. I learned to love myself even more and never allow anyone to box me in.

Yesssssss ma’am. I love it. That is going to be my new word “Unapologetic.” There is so much strength in that one word. How did you get started on the road to serial entrepreneurship?

Dr. Pamela Gurley: Whew, let me take it back (LOL). In 2002, I had my own private contract with the government where I was doing family advocacy stuff working in the field of stress/family management psychology . When you are an independent contractor you are your own private entity. You own your own business and do your own bidding. I fell in love with having that. And when an opportunity arose to obtain a federal contract, I went for it. After winning that contract, I noticed that I began treating my love for writing business plans and editorials for other people as a hobby instead of a money-making business. I wasn’t getting paid and was doing it more so with the mindset of helping out my friends and families. Once I realized that, it was time for a change. I begin stepping up and turning these ongoing favors into a real business.

That is truly a blessing. A lot of people face problems when it comes to figuring out how to turn their hobbies into a lucrative business. So you started your path to entrepreneurship in 2002, however when did you decide to try on the hat of “author” and write your first book.

Dr. Pamela Gurley: I am proud to say that I published my first solo book this year at the age of 44 entitled “I Am Not a Stereotype: I Am HER” and last year  I co-authored a compilation book entitled “Living a Non-Negotiable Lifestyle: My Life + My Dream + My Ambition = My Success.”

Out of all of the hats that you wear as an entrepreneur, which one is your favorite?

Dr. Pamela Gurley: To be honest, my favorite is actually my public speaking. I love having an opportunity to change a person’s life with my voice. A lot of times in life when we are going through things, we feel that we are alone and no one understands how we feel, but when you have a chance to hear someone  else’s story, the direction that they took, and the things that they had to overcome, it changes you. I want people to be able to live their best lives in that authentic space. And that is what I feel like I give when it comes to me and public speaking. I want to inspire.

What words of encouragement do you have for other women who are trying to live unapologeticaly?

Dr. Pamela Gurley: It is important for women to know that to evolve and overcome your circumstances, you have to be open to grow. You can’t be willing to change if you aren’t willing to endure the pain that goes along with it. In life, we often times wrestle with the emotion of things and that in itself can keep us stagnant. And that fear keeps us from seeking the changes in life that we want. Listen to your gut, and even when it hurts, you have to follow through and make those changes. It is the only way you will heal and grow. Make yourself a promise to be open to the unknown. Be fearless!

Follow Dr. P Gurley on IG, FB and Twitter at @iamdrpgurley to see what amazing things she has in store.


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