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Lil Durk Iced out his girlfriend India Meet “Izzy Jeweler”

There’s a place in the heart of New York City that runs down 47th street between 5th & 6th avenues. This hidden gem is known as The Diamond District. With closed doors due to the pandemic, how does Izzy from NYC Luxury Co. still prevail and succeed in the Diamond industry?

Izzy A is known for being a connoisseur with a high-level of taste in jewelry. Now let’s meet the managing man behind the bling: Izzy A.

Izzy started at 18, in the fall of 2009. A family friend just opened a jewelry shop and needed a runner. (Runner is one who does errands and various small steps). Not only is he thankful for the opportunity, but it also taught him about the quality of diamonds and gems, as well as quality jewelry construction. First, learning Women’s then slowly transitioning into high-end Men’s jewelry.

Izzy has a variety of clients, from all walks of life. For example, his clients range from Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Business owners, and hardworking everyday people. No matter who you are, so long as you want to mark a special event in your life, He’s the guy to do it. Izzy makes it his business to treat everyone with a small budget or high budget as a priority client. All purchases with value, quality goods, attention to detail to make sure the clients need were met in a transaction, as well as making them proud, knowing it was made well. All in the name of good business.

Izzy also mentions that his open and honest relationships with his clients are crucial to his business. He feels that they (his clients) are his extended family. If its $500, $5000, or 50,000 dollars EVERYONE, is treated with respect, he cares about value. He says he’s very personal with clients; he celebrates birthdays, new babies, gives calls on various milestones in their profession. Izzy’s pieces have graced the likes of Trippie Red, Jacquees, Dreezy, Famous Dex, to name a few. Most recently, Lil Durk Iced out his girlfriend India which Izzy A aka “Izzy Jeweler” had the personal and professional opportunity to execute for the Chicago rapper.

“Whatever it takes to show genuine love for my people that extends beyond them just spending money with me.” Izzy also states that whether they shop with him or not, a low price doesn’t mean the best deal. Sadly, He warns, many jewelers don’t tell the truth and show clients they are selling diamonds of much better quality than they are or cut the quality of gold or inferior labor for diamond setting.

He says that he does everything first and foremost through God and his family early in mind. “I will continue to step outside the box with drive and vision. It’s the motivation for my partner and myself to grow the Company brand, working smarter, not harder. Striving to be better than we were and thinking of how to make merchandise that reflects milestones in my client’s lives, with higher execution of craftsmanship. With the Diamond district known for its competitiveness, THIS is how Izzy and NYC Luxury Co. plan to keep standing out. A Luxury jeweler to the stars and making a mark in Hip -Hop.

Visit their website here: and Follow Izzy A

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