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Meet Rising Producer Rocco Did It Again!

We’re always talking about the artists and how great their music is but it’s dope to get a chance to know the creatives behind the sonics! Rocco Valdes aka Rocco Did It Again! is a rising producer and produced DaBaby’s new song “Jump”. Aside from producing he is also well known for helping with the discovery of Austin Mahone and was previously the pop singer’s manager.

Stepping outside of yourself how would you describe Rocco Did It Again!?

Hmmm That’s a good question. I would say an Ambitious, Focused, Hungry guy on a mission lol

What brought you to the entertainment industry?

I always loved music since I can remember. When I was like 10 years old I would go to my Grandmother’s house and be like Hey Grandma and she would respond yes and I would just start freestyling to her and she would just laugh lol. I always knew I wanted to do something in music. It was the thing I was best at. I started my career at a label working at Def Jam. Then went into management and managed some big artists and now I’ve decided I want to produce. It’s been a fun journey.

As a producer, what’s your greatest challenge in this day of music?

Probably the hardest thing is getting the artist you feel like you have a hit for getting to hear what you have made. It’s crazy. Then the I think the hardest thing for me personally is people know me as a manager so when they find out I’m producing all these new songs they are like what? No one looks at me like that.

What changes are you seeing in the sound of rap and do you have any predictions for its evolution?

It’s definitely evolved over the years since I’ve been in the game. There are constant new trends and also constant new ways to get discovered. I like a lot of the music coming out now. The only prediction I can make is you will be hearing more songs using my production lol.

Do you prefer to be in-studio with an artist as they record or are you cool with the digital wave of recording remotely?

Either way works for me. I like both. Being there with the artist is easier but I wasn’t there with DaBaby and that happened pretty easy too.

Congrats on DaBaby’s new joint “Jump” hitting #2 on the Apple Music “Top Charts”, are you still as pleased when a joint hits the charts as you were when you first started?

Thank you! Honestly it makes me happy for a couple days but then at the same time when u put something out that doesn’t do that its depressing lol. I’ve been lucky my last couple songs in the past have gone Top 2. It’s a gift and a curse.

What’s the most important thing for us to know about Rocco Valdes?

That I’m a nice guy. Hit me up

Can you tell us what’s next up on your slate for 2020?

I’ve been working on a lot different stuff with artists. I have a lot of exciting music coming out. You will see soon!

Where can we find you online?

@RoccoValdes on both Instagram and Twitter. Thank you!


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