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Published on April 2nd, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Miami Producer and Recording Artist Ed Unger Releases Edgy New Single “Nights Of Hope”

Producer and recording artist Ed Unger released his new single “Nights Of Hope” on February 25th. Not yet knowing what the world was in for, “Nights of Hope” delivers a larger then life timeline of ups and downs sprinkled in non-stop glimmers of hope. The track is a lush and edgy composition that takes listeners on a mystical journey, meant to create a warm feeling of connection to the world around you. Described as ‘flying high only to then be plummeted down to an unknown direction’, it’s clear we can relate to the level of unknowns that surround our everyday. “Nights of Hope” sounds like it could be played in a sci-fi movie and while we live in a time that feels much like a film, Ed’s track pairs seamlessly with the surreal climate we’re trudging through together.

Ed appeals to a wide array of audiences by creating uplifting tracks with influence from house, progressive and techno. Driven by his passion for music, creativity, and business, Ed Unger has built his career on bringing people together through a shared love of music.  Ed curates professional events around Miami which has allowed him a self-awareness of what pleases crowds and how he can best deliver his performances to larger audiences. Composing house music first, his knowledge of what will resonate with listeners comes from a deeper understanding of emotional response to music. The music he makes is his footprint on the community.

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