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Published on April 27th, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Natty Wylah Unveils New Release ‘4 Siblings’

North London rap artist Natty Wylah has dropped his latest release ‘4 Siblings’, following his breakthrough tracks ‘WHOAMI’ and ‘Feel U’.

The heartfelt track showcases Natty’s thoughtful lyricism as he pens an open letter of comfort to his family and comes to terms with the siblings he never got the chance to meet. Though underpinned with themes of loss and identity, Natty’s impassioned lyrics and hip-hop tones carry a message of contentment.

Speaking on ‘4 Siblings’ Natty said: “4 Siblings is a homage, and a letter of reassurance to family. It’s for siblings where the conditions weren’t ready for them to come into this world. It’s for siblings that are not blood related, but are connected through the electromagnetic forces of spirit. It’s a song that moves on. It encompasses a blueness but also an acceptance, and finally a message of gratitude, love and comfort in that no matter what happens, it’s alright.”

With a full length release on the way as well as a new monthly podcast for Mixcloud named ‘babbLe on…’, Natty’s releases continue to provide a source of reflection and prove he’s an artist to look out for in 2020.

Listen here:

NATTY WYLAH · 4 Siblings – Produced by Mac Wetha


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