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Published on April 9th, 2020 | by Guest Editor


ONUR Goes Anti-Pop With Wired

The road to success is far from being an easy one and, although he only started releasing music 2 years ago, ONUR is already learning his lessons. In his short journey, the 23-year-old British artist has been facing a few obstacles and haters are one of them. But instead of giving them his attention, he chose to use their attempt to discourage him as fuel, penning and producing new material inspired by his misfortunes.

The result is Wired, a brilliantly assembled mishmash of genres, boldly experimenting with industrial texture and various influences along a throbbing bassline. “I made this song at a time when a lot of my ‘friends’ started to resent me for the little success I started to make in music after working so hard to even get there. It’s a difficult situation to be in but I basically said fuck ‘em and wrote an unapologetic song playing up to my ego, about the joy of seeing people hate me for no reason, hence, I’m WIRED”, explains ONUR whose intent for the track was to encourage his audience to never make themselves small just for the comfort of people who refuse to grow (or to accept your own growth!).

A music video directed by Oliver Marshall was released last week, premiered on The Fader and building on that tenacious and unapologetic feeling. “The video was actually shot after a party Oli [Marshall] and I went to. We were both hungover and it was storming down that day. On top of that, the party we went to was full of the aforementioned people I talk about in the song, and that night, I really made up my mind about it. So it really helped and added in making the music video”, ONUR added.
With a sophomore EP in the works for the end of the year, Wired is very likely to be followed by more music in the next few months and that’s definitely something to keep an eye on!

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