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Richmond Creative D. Folks Talks New Music, Music Influences,& Ways He Is Staying Creative During Quarantine

Richmond, Virginia singer and songwriter, D. Folks is putting on for his city in a major way.
Having found success as a singer/ songwriter early on and taking a brief hiatus, he is now back on the scene churning out hits.

On his new single “The Truth” he shares a story of a love that has fizzled out, but had the potential to be restored.

I had the pleasure of catching up with D. Folks for a candid interview below. As he openly discusses some of his musical influences, growing up in Richmond and ways to stay creative during the Coronavirus, it is clear that he is on track to have a lasting career in the music business. Check it out below.

D. Folks Interview

How did you get your start in the music business?

D. Folks: I have always loved to sing and like most musicians/singers in the black community, I grew up singing for various family members and in church.  I recorded my first song, that I actually wrote, in high school.  Once I got to college and met other inspiring musicians and singers, I really started to take my gift seriously.

How did growing up in Richmond, Virginia influence your decision to produce music as you are a producer and singer?

D. Folks: I heard D’Angelo for the first time in college my Freshman year. Knowing that we had a hometown kid that had major success who basically created a new sound and genre, which critics later named Neo soul, was inspiring. Watching him change the scope of music made me feel and believe that another church boy from a small county in the Richmond area, could make it too.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

D. Folks: I’m a huge Prince fan. I love the smooth tenor and vibrato of Donny Hathaway, the effortless falsetto of Marvin Gaye, and the phenomenal song writing and production of Stevie Wonder, to name a few.

How have you been able to remain creatively motivated to put out music during the Coronavirus epidemic?

D. Folks: With everything being shut down, my life is simpler in a lot of ways.  I have time to be creative.  There’s no rat race!  I’m not being pulled in so many directions that I can’t focus. Being quarantined has really made me slow down and realize what’s important. The pen and pad has really been my friend this last few weeks.

What was the inspiration behind your new “The Truth” single?

D. Folks: I try to write about subject matters that the ordinary person can relate to. I feel that a lot of people can relate to or know someone that’s in or has been in a relationship that has lost it’s magic.

It could be that the love is gone or someone is not showing their partner enough attention, but it’s just easier to remain in the relationship. Or, one is afraid to admit or discuss what’s really going on. Sometimes it’s not about infidelity, people can simply just grow apart.  “The Truth” is facing the issue to either work it out or move on.

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter the music business wanting to pursue a career in R&B?

D. Folks: Study the greats, hone your gift, and record, record, record. Writing & Recording is like practice.  It gets better each time. Songs will never let you down as long as you follow your heart.

When can we expect a full length project from you?

D. Folks: My new EP is called 1977. The majority of the project is done and we’re expecting to release it this Summer!

Be sure to press play below to stream D. Folks new single “The Truth” and tap into some news vibes.

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