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Published on April 29th, 2020 | by Jones


Tansy Launches into ‘Full Bloom’ with Debut Album

Contemporary jazz-pop duo Tansy (Will Feinberg and McKenna Alicia) announce their highly anticipated debut album Full Bloom. Featuring their previous released singles “Dreaming” and “Certainty”, Full Bloom is an ode to growth, love, and continuing down the path even when you are uncertain of the future. The album showcases Tansy’s uniquely identifiable sound that falls into a new niche of jazz/soul/pop music, similar to that of Norah Jones. Full Bloom sees the duo come into their own, both collectively and individually, as they go through life’s transitional phases and gain a greater sense of clarity about who they are.

Filled with the silky R&B vocal stylings of Alicia and the musical genius of Feinberg, the magic of Full Bloom lies in its combination of interesting melodic soundscapes and intimate lyrics. Collaborating with several of New Orleans’ up-and-coming musicians, Tansy created an album that flows from one song to the next, allowing the listener to get lost in an endless sea of sound and dive into the story of Tansy. Singles like “New Day” and “Certainty” describe the transition of growth…. embarking on the next phase of one’s life and growing in self-discovery. Love-lost songs are sprinkled throughout with singles like “Love, Despite”, “Be With You”, “Again”, and “Dreaming” each exploring a different emotion, ranging from nostalgia to longing, about a past relationship. The two musical interludes “Goodmorning” and “Goodnight” were recorded separately by Feinberg and Alicia, each diving into their own musical headspace to further explore their own stories of growth and encapsulates the modern, ethereal style that brings these musicians together as one.

Overall, Full Bloom is a dynamic debut from the young duo, exploring the feelings of going out on a limb for your dreams, setting out on a path and never looking back. Tansy’s debut album is a striking testament to Tansy’s ability to lead the way forward in contemporary vocal jazz with warm RnB soundscapes and the bold harmonic/melodic statements of today’s jazz.

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