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TMG Fre$h Talks About His New Single, “Anybody!”

TMG Fre$h is no “Average Joe.”

TMG Fre$h is a recording artist from the Bay Area in California currently based out of Los Angeles.  Well versed as a director, TMG Fre$h is a true artist. As a former college athlete, he is no stranger to hard work and pushing the boundaries to reach his goals. After being sidelined by a basketball injury, TMG Fre$h left college and found a new passion in music. He is an artist who is intent on offering a “Fre$h” Perspective. Fre$h recently released his new single, titled “Anybody.” The melodic track was crafted by Maryland-based producer, Gabe, and seeks to introduce Fre$h through the context of a new relationship and establish the fact that he’s not just another, and should be respected as such. “Anybody” is about level setting – letting whoever, whenever, know that the same ‘ol won’t work with you,” comments Fre$h. “I’m not just anybody. I don’t know what or who you’re used to, but let’s be clear. I’m me – take it or leave it.”

I caught up with, Fre$h to discuss his new single, “Anybody.” He explains the complex concept behind the single worded title that speaks volumes on relationships.

How are you doing?

TMG Fre$h: Ah man, I’m hanging in there. Just trying to stay positive and keep trying to manifest for the best possible outcome of everything.

Have you used this downtime and time inside to be creative or do you feel like you are more creative when you are out and about in the public?

TMG Fre$h: It’s a little mix of both. When I find myself expressing my creativity a lot is in a secluded kind of environment, but I do like to pop out and be social and be out and about experiencing things to have that to draw from. So, it’s a little bit of a challenge in these times to get that spark; that creative spark because I tend to draw from experiences. It’s a little bit of up and down. I’ve had some creative days and some days I felt like I was in a weird mind space during this time.

To a degree, this has to increase your hunger because anything you do is so isolated now, so I’m sure when you’re able to get back out there, it’s all gas.

TMG Fre$h: Yeah! I definitely want to try and capitalize and take advantage of people needing something to give attention to in this time. There are no sports on or no new movies coming out, so I definitely want to take advantage of this downtime and be able to be the entertainment that people are looking for right now.

You dropped the visuals for the, “Anybody” joint. Tell us about the track.

TMG Fre$h: It’s one of those songs that, when I initially made it, it didn’t have that, “This is a hit,” feeling because it wasn’t up-tempo. But the more I kept listening to it and the hook plants itself in your head, I do feel like it has that kind of, sticks with you. It has that slogan that people can relate to and gravitate too. I feel like that’s an important aspect for making something stick as a hit. I think people can relate. Everybody has had a situation where, whether it’s in a romantic relationship or whatever where it’s kind of like they treat you wrong, or does you dirty where it’s like you’re just a random person of no importance at all and you want to just let them know, I’m not just anybody, ya know. I think that has a little something with it.

I find it interesting that, no matter how many times we have heard this thought of feeling betrayed or downplayed in a song, I love that you were able to tell it in a creatively different way. To make a song like this and have a scenario that we’re familiar with, but to make it your own was dope.

TMG Fre$h: You gotta dive into your pain sometimes and let yourself stay there and be in it and find a new way of recognizing it and addressing it.

Was that a personal song or just a melody that felt good to you and you ran with it?

TMG Fre$h: Definitely personal. I’ve had a lot of people that I felt like treated me wrong and did me wrong in different ways in my life, so definitely personal.

The video was shot from a desert, real deserted setting. Did you get the look you wanted with the final presentation?

TMG Fre$h: Yeah, it turned out great. I loved how it turned out. I think it has that real Rockstar vibe. The grittiness that the desert kind of provides. It’s a painful song, it’s a painful video and the desert is a painful and brutal place. I think it turned out great.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship where you are embracing, and then she pulls a gun on you and then you guys are back hugging. I enjoyed the visual for sure.

TMG Fre$h: (Laughing). We have all been with someone like that, huh.

No doubt. It’s definitely a statement song. Was that the goal when you created it?

TMG Fre$h: Yeah, I think as soon as that hook got locked in, I felt it could be a powerful song. So, I wanted to make sure I followed through in the verses, build on that and follow the statement of the hook sink in.

When you’re selecting a single, do you go with your personal preference and how you are feeling, or do you keep your ear to the street and select your single based on what’s hot?

TMG Fre$h: With this one, I went with my personal feel. I felt like it really represented me as a person and as an artist. By it being the first song, we were dropping, I wanted it to be something that was truthful to me opposed to trying to match what’s out there and what’s hot. I wanna stand out and I want people to know what they gonna get when they listen to me.

Who are some of your musical influences?

TMG Fre$h: I grew up on Jay-Z. Jay-Z was my man growing up, Kanye too. Recently, I like, Post Malone a lot. I like how he mixes that rock sound into the urban space. I like Saint Jhn a lot too as far as newer artist. I think he’s pretty dope.

Has the pandemic slowed down or delayed anything you are working on?

TMG Fre$h: Definitely in the visual’s aspect of things. I have a few songs and projects with some dope features that we planned on getting together and shooting those videos and now we have to wait on those. I think we’re figuring out how to keep working and keep pushing and not really letting anything stop us or slow us down too much.

Dope single, congratulations on the video release and good luck with it. Is there anything else before I let you go?

TMG Fre$h: I appreciate it. I appreciate your time, thank you. Check me out on my socials @tmgfresh!

Check out TMG’s new video, “Anybody!”

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