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TUNNEL Talks Hypnotic Track “Walking The Vine”

Tunnel is a progressive rock music duo from Montreal. The project was born after a last minute improvised show in the summer of 2013 between guitarist François Jalbert and drummer Kevin Warren. In the past 2 years, the duo has been working steadily on new songs which have culminated into their first full-length album, entitled Out For A While set for release April 10th.

Lead single “Walking The Vine” is a hypnotic track with rhythmic synth flourishes and echoing vocals. Take a listen to the new single below and check out our interview!

What makes ‘Walking The Vine’ different from your past work?

Our early material was perhaps more experimental in general compared to Walking The Vine.  This song is the first song we’ve done that’s more in a “pop song” sort of format. We still tried to keep a foot in the experimental vibe, especially in the choices of sounds, we’re really happy with the balance we found between the two worlds.

Can you describe the concept behind the single?

As with most of our music, the inspiration can come from anywhere.  This one began as an instrumental by messing around with the synth loop at the top of the song, but as it evolved it was obvious it needed a voice, so we went there. The vocals try to capture a feeling of hope after a personal struggle.

How would you describe your artistic evolution throughout your career?

In the beginning, we had a sort of “anything goes” attitude about tunes.  Now we’ve matured and make more concise decisions about what types of songs we should keep, which ideas are weak, and which ones are strong.  We’ve also evolved in our musical experiences, we both took part in a lot of productions over the years and learned a lot working with different people, so that had an impact on our sound for sure. This coming record is kind of a collection of all the production knowledge we’ve gathered over the years.

What’s been the biggest change in your life over the past year?


What song or album by another artist do you wish you had written?

Kevin: “Badman’s Song” by Tears For Fears

Francois: the album “Heigh Ho” by Blake Mills

And finally, where can readers keep up with what you are doing?

Check in with us on our FB page and Instagram. We try to keep it fresh!

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