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Published on April 14th, 2020 | by Essince


Umraan Syed – “House in the Vines” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Welcome to the “House In The Vines,” Umraan Syed’s answer, and complete 180 sound flip when comparing to the roaring 808 progressive previous release, “Wired.” The single is arranged and produced by Umraan Syed, and the composition transitions well with reverb vocal swelling as he gives us a glimpse of his life in 2017 – late 2019. Listening to Umraan Syed as he injects his wordplay from bar to bar with his unique delivery is fascinating to music consumers. You never really know what is coming out next and how he will present it. This aspect is rare today to come across, and one of many specialties that the Chicago-based artist consistently provides. The lyrics in “House In The Vines,” also the title of the upcoming album, comes off as a confession, sentimental, yet lighthearted humor is mixed into the vibe. The progression of change to the better is presented in the song, which moves the person forward in life. The feel-good hook, with a message, is layered with catchy harmony vocals as he surfs along with vibrating guitar licks. The vocal pattern and lyrics are easy to remember, and undoubtedly worthy at a commercial level. The music video is available and was filmed at the House Umraan Syed lived in, which gave him the experiences and vibes that created “House In The Vines.”

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