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15 Last-Minute Gift Ideas & Suggestions For Mother’s Day 2020

As of this article is being written in early May 2020, hundreds of millions of people — if not billions of people — are still spending more of their time at home than not. However, May 10th is still Mother’s Day, and the hard-working mothers in our lives still deserve a special Sunday this weekend. In turn, below are 15 last-minute gift ideas for you loyal readers of The Hype Magazine.

Lat & Lo

Lat & Lo is a unique handcrafted jewelry brand that first began years ago in the oceanside town of Neptune Beach, Florida. What first started out as a tiny hand-stamped jewelry line in founder Kellie’s Ivey’s humble garage evolved to the world’s first full line of custom location wear now worn and loved by thousands of people all over the world.

Through its partnership with domestic raw supply companies, each purchase from Lat & Lo supports multiple small businesses across the U.S. It designs and makes its signature quality jewelry inscribed with sentimental customized latitude longitude coordinates to a meaningful place in your life. In turn, each Lat & Lo piece is handcrafted to order and customized specially for you in its Florida studio.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, keychains, cufflinks, money clips… Sterling silver, gold, rose gold, solid 14 karat gold… Stunning gifts are available for all occasions and people of all ages and backgrounds. Available via the brand’s website and through select retailers.


With Savhera, social change never smelled so good. Its consumers enjoy pure, organic essential oils while also making a difference in the lives of its employees, many of whom survivors of sex trafficking.

The brand’s Blends + Singles Mini Kit is a great starting point for new Savhera customers. It contains 12 of the brand’s most popular essential oils in tiny 1ml bottles. It includes all the following Savhera essential oils: Open Airways, Sonia’s Shield, Just Ice, Divine Dreams, Tracy’s Grace, Secret Zest, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Tea Tree.

Williams Sonoma’s Premium Cocktail Mixers

Casamigos has once again partnered with Williams Sonoma to launch two new flavors of small batch, premium cocktail mixes. The Pineapple Smoke and Cucumber Chile Margarita are the latest flavors to be added to the popular cocktail mix assortment that first launched in 2019. The mixes are designed to be enjoyed simply by adding Casamigos Blanco or Reposado Tequila and ice. Thus, can enjoy the perfect, easy cocktail with a quick shake or stir.

The new Pineapple Smoke flavor combines the bright tropical sweetness of ripe pineapple with rich notes of spicy cinnamon and fragrant wood smoke, while the Cucumber Chile Margarita flavor blends the cool, refreshing flavors of cucumber and lime with bright, aromatic notes of fresh basil and chili peppers. All of the Casamigos Cocktail Mixes can be found exclusively at Williams Sonoma, as handcrafted in small batches and retail for $18.95.

Perfect Balance World

With most gyms and yoga studios still closed, more people than ever have been doing their fitness routines at home. And what easier exercise to perform in a small space than yoga? In turn, many have tried yoga — and comparable yoga programs like Diamond Dallas Page’s DDPY — for the first time during this current pandemic, and Perfect Balance World has brought great yoga-friendly clothing to the world.

Perfect Balance World is different from other brands because its pieces have friction landmarks in the fabric. These “landmarks” help the yogi get a proper grip on the floor and their own body. This enhanced grip allows yogis to keep their center of gravity resting in the ideal, balanced position, and to do it with less strain and struggle. As a result, wearers of Perfect Balance World gear ought to achieve better, longer poses as a result from the added control they get.

Soul Journey Jewelry

The act of wearing jewelry is taking on a whole new meaning these days. While many pieces are retiring to the jewelry box, there are some that do more than simply stun and beg for compliments. Soul Journey Jewelry introduces you to the healing gemstones that are a “cut above” those that are “just another pretty accessory.” In turn, you can take the journey of self-discovery with the jewelry that offers healing properties via Soul Journey.

Founded by jewelry designer Jill Boylan, Soul Journey Jewelry represents her California roots from the flora, fauna and infinite possibility of Southern California to her life growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Her entrepreneurial spirit started as a teenager as she channeled her creativity and design skills into a line of jewelry called People Beads, which sold locally in the ultra hip Court C bead store. Over the years, her designs evolved into romantic, contemporary jewelry. She carries a passion for blending the modern with two other inspirations: her own mother’s style and the 1970’s bohemia landscape of her childhood. Hand-crafted in California out of fine gemstones, each Soul Journey piece is charged with a specific energy and intention. Thus, between the brand’s necklaces, pendants and earrings, you can surely find something that speaks to your soul.

Yangu Beauty

Yangu Beauty is the byproduct of clinical and molecular pharmacology, as helmed to create effective natural skincare solution for women of color. The brand’s native luxury products are solution-driven, targeting and resolving the inherent skincare issues of women with darker tones of skin, such as uneven skin tone, adult acne, excess sebum, enlarged pores, texture, and epidermal dehydration.

Every Yangu Beauty product uses natural ingredients sourced directly from Africa. They are safe for even the most sensitive skin. In addition, Yangu Beauty’s products are free from parabens, sulfates, phtalates, and other popular skin irritants. The brand has a variety of combinations available, including its Dry Skin Trio and its Bye-Bye Hyperpigmentation Kit.

Caninus Custom Dog Apparel

The idea for Caninus Collars came to musician Rachel Rosen (a.k.a. Belle Moloto) as she searched for more alternative style collars for her own dogs. Leaning towards skulls, tattoo styles drawings and Dia De Los Muertos themes, she knew she wasn’t the only one looking for something different. She spent much of her early days sewing special collars for her dogs, as well as the ones at the shelter she volunteered at, to help get them adopted. The company grew over time and found a niche in creating unique and alternative style collars.

Caninus Collars became the first company officially licensing designs from hardcore and metal bands to create pet collars for both dogs and cats, starting with hardcore veterans Madball in 2016. The brand’s lineup of collars now includes licensed pieces from Motley Crue, Motorhead, The Misfits and Slayer. In addition to exclusively-licensed band collars, Caninus Collars continues to offer over 80 different fabric wrapped nylon collars, with new designs being offered every year and with options to customize hardware and buckle color on their website. Meanwhile, Caninus continues to give back to shelters and rescues by donating collars and leashes, and everything is Handmade in California.

Resting Gift Face

Remember when the worst part of 2020 was the Australian Bushfires and we collectively thought “There’s no way this year can get worse?” Well, look at us still living in fear of COVID-19. Fortunately, Resting Gift Face’s “The Quarantine Care Package” allows you to connect with family and friends in a fun and unique way while also employing safe social distancing practices. The package’s contents include a jump rode, a 3D puzzle, Zombie Tic Tac Toe, a humorous sticker, an adult coloring book, color pencils, a quarantine-themed cocktail recipe card, and a personalized handwritten wrote.

Also cool from RGF is the Quarantine Care Package: It’s Yo Birthday offering. This one includes everything shown above plus some birthday-themed supplies. Priced at a reasonable $69.00.

Jardin By Macris

Dressing in pajamas and sweats within your home-based existence sounds comfortable and convenient, that is until you realize you have an upcoming video call where you must look work appropriate. Not to forget, dressing this casual every day gets old when you are a lover of fashion and trendy new styles. So what do you wear to look and feel good while you have to remain out of the public spotlight?

For staples that are trendy and affordable at under $40, Jardin By Macris makes for a great online boutique destination. The Los Angeles-based brand offers versatile looks that refresh your closet including midi dresses, kimonos, slouchy sweaters and jumpsuits. Offerings include a Leopard High Low Dress, a Padded Crochet Lade Bralette, a Jardin Lace Kimono and a Malibu Beach Jumpsuit. Remember, when you look good, you feel good.

Peak Design Bags

In 2010, Minnesota native Peter Dering went on a 4-month trip around the world. During this trip he learned that carrying a DSLR camera is a pain to carry. Dering ultimately quit his nice job and spent 10 months designing a case for carrying cameras. In May 2011 he launched a product — eventually known as Capture — on Kickstarter. Things worked out, and Peak Design was born, later moving to San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.

Peak Design’s new Everyday Messenger is ideal for a photo carry workhorse. Designed with renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff and honed with the feedback of thousands of customers, the bag provides access, organization, expansion, and protection. It adjusts to allow up to 6L of internal expansion.

Also great from Peak Design is the Everyday Tote. Peak Design’s take on the classic tote bag, this one combines clean aesthetics with thoughtful functionality to protect, organize, and also give quick access to your everyday or photo gear. Its extra-wide top access point seals via magnetic clasp or weatherproof UltraZip. Inside, its FlexFold dividers give customizable and protective storage. It also includes a stretchy internal pocket for sunglasses, plus a 13” laptop sleeve. Its sizing makes it an excellent “personal item” when traveling by plane.


DefineMe is a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly line of fragrances looking to empower. They couldn’t stand back and do nothing during this time, so the brand recently launched its scented, moisturizing hand sanitizer spray DefineMe HANDS a few short weeks ago. For every bottle of HANDS sold, the brand is donating $1.00 to No Kid Hungry, an organization feeding children in need across America.

The signature fragrance in HANDS has notes of Peony, Sandalwood, and Jasmine. Enough to make you fall in love. Not to forget, it is delivered in an exquisite glass bottle. You will get around 460 sprays per bottle, thus plenty of value as well.


Backed by years of scientific research, FACTORFIVE is committed to providing cutting-edge and innovative skincare. Human growth factors are essential to your skin’s appearance and health, and their regenerative powers can be harnessed via FACTORFIVE. Not only has the brand developed an exceptional skin serum, but it continues to leverage recent scientific discoveries to help shape the future of aesthetics.

The FACTORFIVE skincare line currently includes FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum ($199), FACTORFIVE anti-aging cream ($189) and FACTORFIVE eye/lash cream ($149). FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum should be applied to dry skin immediately after cleansing followed by a moisturizer like the FACTORFIVE anti-aging cream or daily sun protection. FACTORFIVE eye/lash cream helps to both replenish the eye area while also quickly and safely enhancing lashes and brows. It will not affect eye color like some lash and brow treatments.

Marvin Gaye’s More Trouble LP

To celebrate the life and legacy of Marvin Gaye, Motown’s “Prince Of Soul,” Motown/UMe has released a vinyl-only collection of alternate and extended versions of tracks from his 12th studio album, Trouble Man. The 1972 soundtrack for the cult film of the same name, this release of Trouble Man marks the first time these sonic gems have been released on vinyl. This collection was mixed in hi-res audio from Motown’s original 16-track session reels by John Morales, and was newly-remastered by Alex Abrash at AA Mastering, who had mastered Gaye’s critically acclaimed lost album You’re The Man.

The vinyl edition of More Trouble is presented in a throwback to the album’s original design, this time with a photo of Gaye on the cover of the gatefold jacket that — in keeping with album’s theme — is an alternate to the iconic one on the original soundtrack LP. Its additional imagery includes scans of the original session tape boxes. Its new liner notes were penned by musicologist Dr. Andrew Flory. Among the tracks are an alternate vocal version of the song “Trouble Man” (as featured in the original film’s opening sequence but not the subsequent soundtrack), an extended take of the hip-hop sampler’s favorite “’T’ Plays It Cool,” and a rare vocal version of “’T’ Stands For Trouble.”

Mantra Mask CBD Masks

Founded by skincare expert Kim Wellen, Mantra Mask makes natural, high-quality skincare accessible and affordable for all. One of the first to bring sheet masks to the market, the company harnesses the power of naturally-derived vitamins and herbal botanicals in a convenient, easy-to-use beauty mask. Mantra Mask is formulated without parabens, sulfates, dyes and other harmful chemicals by Dr. Hal H. Simeroth, Ph.D. Known for advancing the skincare industry over the past four decades, Dr. Simeroth adds his scientific expertise to Wellen’s powerfully positive spirit, resulting in a dynamic team committed to natural skincare for all.

Mantra Mask recently introduced all-new THC-free CBD sheet masks and eye gels, as made in the USA and specially-formulated to achieve optimal absorption and incredible results for all skin types. Free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals like, these masks have been categorized as “all-natural beauty meets inspiration.” Part of a vegan and cruelty-free skincare collection, the new Hemp CBD Pore Refining Facial Sheet Mask powerfully cleanses, detoxifies, softens and brightens for immediate skin radiance. Broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD (30mg) restores skin’s natural glow, reducing inflammation and delivering gentle detoxification. Red Clover and Pomegranate extracts, along with Colloidal oatmeal, COQ10, Alpha Lipoic acid and Vitamin C all help remove dead skin cells and combat daily environmental damage. Turmeric and Bearberry extracts smooth and clarify. Ginger Mint, Aloe Vera, and Tahitian Gardenia soothe and refresh. Meanwhile, Birchwood Bark and Witch Hazel extracts work with Bentonite clay to cleanse and purify.

Bottle None

Bottle None is a growing and sustainable beauty brand created by two sisters whose nourishing and easy-to-use natural bar shampoos and conditioners are plastic packaging free. As traditional shampoos and conditioners are at least 80 percent water — which requires a bottle and all sorts of added thickeners and preservatives — when you nix the water you get more for your money, fewer chemicals, and less packaging guilt. Each of the brand’s luscious bars has no extra water to weigh down their formula, and no unnecessary plastic bottles to weigh down the world. And each bar is aimed to replace 2 to 3 bottles of shampoo, so if you max out on washes that’s only $6 per bottle.


Fernish, founded in 2017, is a direct-to-consumer furniture service that’s reinventing how people create and relate to their home through its “Home. Made.” concept. Allowing for a juxtaposition between simply living in a space and turning that space into one that people genuinely love, Fernish is making a difference through its refined selection of premium furniture brands. These brands range from in-house branded furniture to CB2 and Crate & Barrel, letting customers choose single and full-room furnishings they want and for however long they want them.

While millennials are moving more often and renting homes more than any other generation, Fernish is eliminating the stress, time-consumption and expensive pricing it takes to move and furnish a home. The company, which has saved consumers $10 million in furniture purchasing in 2019 alone, is currently available in Los Angeles and Seattle with plans to enter additional markets in 2020. Ultimately, Fernish offers a monthly price with rent-to-own options.

Stuffed Puffs

Sometimes the best gift you can give is a great dessert, or at least the tools to make a great dessert. Stuffed Puffs is the first commercially-available marshmallow filled with real milk chocolate. In turn, as founded in 2019 by Michael Tierney, Stuffed Puffs delivers a traditional treat stuffed with delicious and creamy milk chocolate to show the world that not all marshmallows are created equal.

Recently launching its newest flavor Chocolate-On-Chocolate, Stuffed Puffs is taking marshmallows to a whole new level again. The latest addition to Stuffed Puffs portfolio ought to make chocolate lovers rejoice with its decadent cocoa-marshmallow-filled with real milk chocolate. Fans can find the latest flavor available on-shelves in select retailers and through the brand’s digital shop at

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