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High Street’s Erik Findling Talks Importance of Music, Creativity During Quarantine

During this unusual time of self-isolation and social distancing, Erik Findling and his rock band, High Street, are sharing the importance of staying safe during the pandemic. While this is a difficult time for everyone, it is also an opportunity to focus on important creative projects in an effort to help you prepare for returning to normal with new material. Findling, High Street’s founder and lead guitarist, shares what he has been doing during the last few months and how the band is preparing for in-person performances when the time comes.

High Street, photo credit: Soledad Recatume

“I am staying inside, avoiding large crowds, washing hands, and encouraging other Gen Z-ers to do the same. I’m taking this time to work hard on my online classes and do my online Zoom classes with teachers, while adjusting to this new way of learning. I am eating healthy, getting sleep and exercise to maintain good immune health. I am taking advantage of this time to practice guitar, communicate with my band members on our new material, work on creating and building more content for our social media in order to stay in touch with fans and keep them up to speed on what’s happening behind-the-scenes.

Phoebe Collins and Erik Findling, photo credit: Soledad Recatume

High Street continues to be active behind-the-scenes in developing new material and virtually prepping for future performances, we urge people to stay inside in order to keep yourself healthy. Once everything is back to normal, we will be announcing shows. In the meantime, stay inside and keep yourselves healthy. Lookout for others, just because you may not be at risk doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. Try to avoid any group meetings or places with a high population of people. I am doing this by communicating with teachers, family and friends over the phone instead of meeting up in person. I am being extra careful when I do need to go out by keeping a safe distance of about 6 feet or so in order to maintain a healthy distance.

Music and entertainment are the center focus of what people are doing during this quarantining/social-distancing period. It is important to keep our fans as engaged as possible to give them updates and material they can view to stay up-to-date on the band. Additionally, music and entertainment are being streamed more frequently now that people are held up in their homes. It is extremely important to work on making music more available to people so that they can find some joy in the midst of a tough situation. All of our music can be found at:” – Erik Findling.

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