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A Discussion With Electronic Dance Collective ‘Tears Of Happiness

We sat down with Me’da from Tears Of Happiness to discuss their latest single ‘Close To You’.

Hi, Tears Of Happiness. How have you been?

Really good thanks, it’s been a period to be calm and reflect.

Let us know about your new single ‘’ Close To You’’. What’s the story behind the track? 

We all experience losses, this track is about the regret and loss of a loved one. The regret is about not making the most of a relationship while it was there.

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing and recording process was incredibly emotional as it was written about a close friend who took his own life after suffering from mental illness. Although we had some incredible times you always look back and think I wish we had done more meaningful things together.

‘’Close To You’’ is a relaunch. What’s the difference now and then?

Musically the track is exactly the same. However, it was TOH very first single and we didn’t give it the promotional push it deserved. Despite this, CLOSE TO YOU was still picked up by NIKE and was playlisted in their London Stores for several weeks. It was then we decided to look to relaunch it. If it is good enough for NIKE it was good enough to relaunch with a bigger push behind it. The power of social media and streaming platforms hey!      

The video was amazing. Talk a bit more about its concept and some funny behind-the-scenes stories.

Thank you so much. Conceptually the video is about a person (lead singer Me’da) desperately trying to get CLOSE TO YOU after his loved one has left this world. However, she has already turned into an angel and cannot be reached. She now only exists in the spirit but can she see everything yet Me’da cannot see, hear, or feel her. She tries desperately to contact Me’da but it’s to no avail. Although the track itself was very emotional we kept the shoot fun and entertaining. We had with us our really close friends for fun, love, and support. When we weren’t filming most of the banter between us all was very funny.

Who are your favourite artists/ producers that you would like to collaborate with them anytime soon and why?

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, and Ed Sheeran. I just feel that each of them is at the forefront of the music they produce. They each have their own individual quality sound and have over time become a very familiar and popular sound.

What’s the challenge for an artist during the pandemic?

 I suppose those that play live especially at festivals will be finding it hard. Also if recording studios are still shut that must be very frustrating. TOH however are continuing to write new material while all this is going on – I’m guessing many other artists will be doing the same.

Any plans for a new single or a tour if things are getting better?

We would love to release another single although we feel it is important to have a video to support the single. Let’s wait a few more weeks to see if we can manage to shoot a video. If not we will think of alternative ways to still have a visual presence.

Do you have a special message for your fans? 

Please be patient as we have lots of new material on the way. In the meantime keep listening to as many artists as possible – they all need our support!!

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