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Published on May 22nd, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


A Q&A With CEO of PlugStar Entertainment: Michelle Mackel

As the CEO of PlugStar ENT, Michelle Mackel provides quality entertainment, opportunities, management and PR for independent and main stream alike. Her mission is developing, enhancing, and investing in artists’ talent.

Michelle’s passion to help artists break into the industry is at the core of PlugStar’s philosophy. We all know how difficult it is getting your foot in the door or know who to trust when working in the entertainment industry. As a former Club Owner and Live Concert Producer Michelle understands firsthand how many talented artists never have the opportunity to entertain audiences because of lack of management, assistance, and knowledge. With the help of Michelle’s PlugStar team every artist will have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential as a performer, model, actor or business Mogul. As Michelle likes to say “The Sky is the limit.”

We had the chance to sit down with Michelle to dive into her passion for helping artists as well as the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

When did you discover that you had a passion for helping artists?

When I was young artist, I loved to research the music industry, and an artist friend told me that I should go to school to learn the music business. However, a few years later, I became pregnant and decided to focus on the needs of my family. I went on to join the Army, and life continued to take me down different paths, but my passion for music remained. Finally, I realized that while it was too late for me to become a big-name artist myself, I could definitely help others achieve their dreams. That was the genesis of my company, Plugstar Entertainment. It was founded on the realization that many talented people never achieve their goals due to a lack of industry knowledge and resources. My goal with Plugstar was to help artists fill in that gap and become successful.

How important do you think it is for artists to become educated about the inner workings of the music industry?

It’s imperative to know and understand any industry well in order to rise to the top; however, the entertainment industry is a unique animal. Learning the ins and outs of it and having a roadmap is critical for any artist looking to navigate their way through without getting lost. It’s a jungle out there!

How do you think artists can take advantage of this social-distancing period to promote their music and put themselves out there?

This unique period in history is the perfect opportunity for artists to focus on their craft, create projects, or even learn a new element of what they do. It’s also a great time to build and connect with their fan base via social media, reinvest in their business with stimulus funds, maintain a public presence via paid live-stream sites, develop different revenue strands, and learn more about the entertainment industry.

What advice do you have for an artist who is just starting out? How much should they build before they come to you for help?

Building an entertainment career takes hard-work and dedication. Those who succeed, take charge of their career, work on time management, and learn the do and don’ts of the industry. You have to maintain a business-like approach: come up with a personal brand, trademark it, and make yourself marketable. Plugstar can help at any level of an artist’s career, but they must be willing to give it their all and commit to pursuing a development plan.

Do you have any exciting stories about artists that you’ve worked with who really helped to shape and mold your business?

I rescued an artist who sadly, was scammed by his own manager. The manager had hired our company to give the artist exposure, so at the first opportunity, I scheduled the artist in Atlanta. However, he said that he planned to quit music. When I asked why, the artist revealed how much he’d paid to be heard on radio stations. Upon doing further research, I realized that he’d been scammed. He’d paid $20,000 for three stations that because they weren’t Mediabase stations, were really only valued at a total of $600. Now better educated about how the business works, this artist is continuing his music career as a Plugstar client and is currently developing his own label.

How do you feel that your military experience has helped you run your current business?

The military taught me the value of teamwork, paying attention to detail and workload prioritization. But in terms of my publicity business, the most useful thing that I left the military with was probably the ability to connect with and support new people from all walks of life.

How do you see the music industry changing this year with everything that’s been going on?

The inability to have public performances has led to more virtual experiences. Musical artists are increasing their social media presence and connecting with fans via new mediums like podcasts. This is also been a time for focusing on press development in preparation for the months down the line when media opportunities resume.

What’s next for you in 2020? We’d love to know what to look forward to with Plugstar.

Plugstar will be adding new services that will further artist development. In addition to making new corporate affiliations, Plugstar is launching a new streaming branch called Plugstar TV that will focus on music from every genre, music education and the latest news in entertainment.

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