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A Q&A With San Diego Hip Hop Artist Bari Bandz

I had a chance to sit down with San Diego Hip Hop artist Bari Bandz. Inspired by his elders in the music scene of San Diego, Bari started making music at a young age. His cousins Blak Fog and Gee truly led the way as he started freestyling and performing live around town. After finishing his final years of college, he chose to pursue music even more seriously because of the psychological challenge it provided him with. Next thing you know, he was performing back to back shows and truly excelling at his dream. Some of his most notable accomplishments include signing with Empire distribution and building his business from the ground up.

What is your favorite part about what you do as a musician?

My favorite parts of being a musician is the creativity being able to express how I feel and nobody can tell me how to express it an anyway

Tell us about your creative process. What inspires you and do you write the lyrics first or do you find a beat?

I take time and think about how the beat makes me feel base on the beat then I think of the name of the song and that’s when the magic happens. I find my beats first and then. What inspires me is that I have a voice that people listen to and vibe to. I do both sometimes I write and sometimes I just freestyle

In what states or countries would your dream tour take place?

I would love to take a trip to debug, Tokyo, Sevilla Spain and the UK.

Was it difficult to juggle music while you were in school? Tell us about that experience.

When have paper that are do the day after a show or the day of the show I had to make sure I got ahead with my work which actually was the best idea I came up with and stuck wit it even during quarantine

Who is one rapper you’d hope to collaborate with one day?

I would hope to collaborate wit sauce Walka from Houston Texas.

What have you been up to during quarantine? Have you been staying creative?

Sense I’ve been on quarantine and took the time to work on getting in more shape, getting feature done for other artist that have been patiently waiting, developing my own business iMOBtalk.ent, switch over to the number 1 distribution “Empire”, last just working on my craft

What is it about the psychological challenge of music that makes it so appealing?

I love to learn, I love the pressure of coming up with a creative song that’s gives people a bounce, music is the key to people’s heart and seeing someone that vibes to a song that you created based of a feeling is a blessing, makes you feel like you did something good

What’s next for you? Can your fans expect new music in 2020?

I got an album collab wit my dog Charliesheem coming out real soon, I got more singles coming out Called Barkinnn baby real club like song that makes you just want to dance. Expect a lot of music from Bari Bandz.

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