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Published on May 1st, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Album Review: D.Tall – Kill Lucy

I don’t think I’ve ever called a modern-day music project a glorious triumph but I think it’s about to happen. D.Tall presents us with his “Kill Lucy” project (Kill Lucy stands for Kill Lucifer) and it is a ten-track ride through that serves as a testimony for one who “Tried to Love the Streets” but found out the “…streets don’t love you back…”  A story filled banger of an album replete with a chapter book style relation of true life happenings and shall we say miraculous interventions by the Most High, “Kill Lucy” is everything I ever wanted in a Hip Hop album, i.e., lyrical missiles, great storytelling and production that makes you take the project serious from the opening note.

Here’s the official line on D.Tall

D.Tall, born Devin Darrell Tall is a HipHop artist & producer originally from Dayton, OH but has resided in Dallas, TX the majority of his life. Tall spent many years on the Independent Dallas music scene dropping his debut album ‘Real Real’ in 2013. The project featured production by 2-Time Grammy Award winning Producer ‘J-White’ and Grammy Award winning engineer Claborn. The Album consisted of Tall’s debut single “Dem Heels” which featured Rapper & Bay Area legend E-40 and Atlanta Rapper Waka Flocka.

Tall released a single in 2017 titled ‘Recruitin’ Produced by J-White but no project to go along with it. In 2018, Tall released a new single titled “Flex 101” featuring ‘Drank in my Cup’ Houston Artist Kirko Bangz. Riding the momentum of a strong resurgence on the Texas Hip-Hop scene Tall dropped his second studio album titled “Do Better” which features the self-titled track ‘Do Better’ and ‘Flex 101’.

After dedicating his life to Christ in 2019, Tall unapologetically transitioned into the Christian HipHop arena. Tall is set to release his new project to the masses. The album titled “Kill Lucy” that is 100% Produced by D.TALL is set to be out on all platforms May 5th. The soulful melodic yet commercial sound on the production under metaphorical vulnerable stories of pain, pressure and hope has the potential to be a game changer for the future of Christian HipHop.

The Album

“Kill Lucy” as I mentioned before is a straight ride through…no skips and contains a cold blooded testimony from someone who was really in the streets doing damage…mostly to himself and his spirit. All the stories are pure and open, not really hidden in metaphor but delivered with insanely crafted barz. From narrowly missing prison to nearly losing his life and family to a big rig, D.Tall gives us the reasons he recognizes that God had a plan for him and it wasn’t in the secular world. In the end, his disobedience would cost him everything, he was riding high in the music game, had a wonderful family…things were good in the worldly sense…then he lost it all. The material world’s love was fickle and he had all the trappings of a seemingly successful life stripped away. It wasn’t until he came to appreciate the blessings of his God that things began to turn around…he lays it all out from end to end in this project.

Favorite Tracks

While I love the entire album and think it’s a complete body of work, there are several cuts this writer feels are essential because of the story…it all comes back to that for me. Production on these is also one of the keys; not overly complicated yet sophisticated enough to make you say WHOA! in appreciation of this multi-talented young lion.

“Tried to Love the Streets”

“Kill Lucy”


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“Top Down”


I have to give a special mention to track 10 “Speak on it (Outro)” which could have just as easily been the intro as it lets you in on the reasons D.Tall was compelled to make this album. The message is inspirational and gives a short rundown on his life and journey to Gospel Hip Hop. It’s evident he’s not doing it for self, he’s honestly giving thanks for his blessings AND entertaining us in the process. This project is a 5/5 for me.

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