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Published on May 20th, 2020 | by Marilyn Reles


Amethyst Collab Aims To Advance The Position Of Women In The Music Industry

Amethyst Collaborative is a collective of women in the music business whose mission is to advance the position of female representation in what is primarily a male-dominated industry. Founded by Olivia Shalhoup, the collective plans to further their vision by launching original audiovisual content, curating playlists, hosting a radio show, promoting artists, all in an effort to foster community for women in music and most importantly, women of color. It’s certainly no secret that women of color are the least represented across the board in many industries and Amethyst Collaborative is here to break that mold in order to give well-deserved recognition to some of the most talented individuals in music. “I’ve always wanted to do something that connected women in music. I wanted something that showed us how much stronger we are as collaborators than competitors, that we are each others first connections and often first mentors in the industry” says Olivia.

Amethyst Collab has recently introduced a digital panel series to highlight some of the most successful women in music business. Their first two digital panels included women in artist management as well as women at record labels. Featuring industry professionals like Aura Harewood who is the VP of Urban Marketing at Interscope Records, Binish Mamood, the VP of A&R at 10k Projects as well as Fiona Barbary of Red Light Management, the panels were incredibly well-received and plan to continue with highlighting A&R’s, Music Publicists, and many more. By launching the series, the collective hopes to give young women a chance to learn from women who have gained more experience in the industry. Olivia’s ultimate goal is that through these connections, she can help produce mentorships to offer young professionals the direction and support that they deserve.

It’s immensely important for women in the workforce to support one another & Amethyst firmly believes that in order to do so, we need to rid ourselves of the old ways of thinking. It’s more possible than ever before to have more than one woman in the board room; the need to compete with one another due to a lack of opportunities is no longer needed and if anything, pushes us farther apart. Amethyst believes in the collaboration over competition ethos and hopes to inspire other women to do the same. Olivia goes on to say “I want to see my fellow women in the industry as my potential allies, not competitors. And I want other women to view me the same way. The boys club shares their secrets with each other, its time we do the same.”

Amethyst has its eye on curating an event to support all women behind the scenes of the song making process. The event would feature women who make records, the songwriters, engineers, and producers behind the artists. Women make up such a small percentage of this that it’s important we pay tribute to those involved who would not typically be recognized on a wider scale.

Be sure to visit their website to learn more about their team and how to join here. You can also find information about upcoming panels and events on their Instagram.

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