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“Buss It,” an Erica Banks Exclusive

Erica Banks has been taken over the airways and internet for the last month or so with her hit single “Buss It.” Using poetry as a tool to ignite her interest in song-writing and rapping, Erica Banks has definitely emerged from the shadows to remind the world exactly why she is one of the hottest, sought after indie femcees in the music game.

Let me keep it real with you. I love the entire female-boss energy you display in your music and I have to say, that it is truly refreshing to hear a woman spit like you do. I am definitely a new fan to your music, but I want you to let the world know exactly who is Erica Banks?

Erica Banks: Some consider me a girly girl, while others see me as being edgy. I am of the streets. I have a huge heart and I love big. All in all I am an extremely versatile girl who is on her way to the top. The name Erica Banks represents everything that a boss should stand for.

How did you get started in the music game?

Erica Banks: I am a poet at heart. That’s where it all started. Even in elementary school I had a strong love for writing poetry. I was always in some type of oratorical contest and I would always win. By the time I got to high school, I was learning how to bridge my poetry to music, and before I knew it, a rapper was born.

When was the moment you knew, this is what you wanted to do as a career?

Erica Banks: For such a long time, writing poetry and rhyming was just a hobby. I never thought that it could end up being my career. It was more like a fantasy because I honestly didn’t think that it was attainable. I thought that “making it” as a rapper only happened to special people with connections, and I definitely wasn’t that “special” person with the “right” connections. As I grew up I loved music but that was as far as it went. I then went to college thinking that I was going to study to become a nurse, but as I got more and more into the program, I realized that this was not what I thought I wanted to do. I was so unhappy and depressed with the storyline that I was writing for myself. And one day, I decided enough was enough. I began playing with my rhyming skills again and then decided that I was going to leave school and pursue my dreams as a female rap artist. I decided to do a freestyle and drop it on Soundcloud just to see what people felt about it. They liked  it, they wanted more, and that is when I decided to really take this career seriously.

What was the moment when you realized, “yep, this rap career is definitely for me?”

Erica Banks: I did my first show ever in Dallas. I was so nervous. I remember watching the stage and watching everyone perform and how the crowd took to them. The crowd was pretty rough that night. However when I took to the stage and began rapping, the crowd moved towards the stage and starting vibing with me on it. From that moment on, I was sold.

Well tell me about Erica Banks, the here and now?

Erica Banks: I am excited to be apart of the 1501 Certified Entertainment family. I am loving the space I am in. I am always working on new music and my fans are really loving my music. Like Carl Crawford said, “this is an amazing time for black women in music.” And I am definitely here for it.

Erica Bank’s new single “Buss It” is available on all platforms.




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