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Published on May 9th, 2020 | by Rive


Dina Renee Creates Her Own Barbie Dream World in New Visuals for “What I’m Not Gonna Do”

Emerging Pop artist Dina Renee hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, now residing in Los Angeles where she is constructing the very foundation of her trendy and euphoric sound. Teaching herself all of the necessities in singing and songwriting, Dina Renee is truly a self-made artist. Her passion for the arts grew undeniably strong in her childhood but manifested itself to be much more potent today. With all of the experiences, academics, as well as hardship under her belt, Dina Renee takes on the Pop music scene at full swing, creating relatable and memorable listening experiences. Dina Renee released a new single, titled “What I’m Not Gonna Do”, and the song houses all of those catchy and flowing elements that you’d expect to be in any pop-driven single.

“What I’m Not Gonna Do” definitely strikes as the right kind of song to be featured on your local Pop Radio music station. Contrastingly, the production of the track falls more in line with a bustling and electric rhythm. “What I’m Not Gonna Do” truly exudes energy, which falls into place primarily from the colorful production. The buzzing surge of vitality washes over us as listeners, and we feel completely vibrant listening along to Dina’s track. A huge contrast within the song comes from the comparison of the production to the actual lyrical content of Dina’s song. “What I’m Not Gonna Do” hones in on the realities of a toxic relationship, and the entire emotionality is displayed in the music video Dina Renee released for the single.

The music video for “What I’m Not Gonna Do” follows along with the narrative of an unrelenting relationship, and the exact thought process that goes on in the mind of an individual seeing the realities of the situation. The music video displays the emotional expressions well, allowing listeners to get completely involved with the storyline appropriately. With the cohesive contrast and stimulating storyline of “What I’m Not Gonna Do”, the anticipation for future music from Dina Renee is growing exponentially.

“I wanted to create a dreamy Barbie world that I lived in with my Ken who happened to be gay. I wanted it to say to people that even in a paradise pink palace things aren’t always perfect and what is important in life is living your truth and stepping out and being who you really are. The song is called “What I’m Not Gonna Do” to inspire people to know their worth and not make the same mistakes as before. This video was directed, styled, and produced by me and I put my heart in soul into it. I hope you guys will catch a glimpse of who I am as a person and an artist. And yes, I’ve actually fallen in love with a gay man.” – Dina Renee

A Los Angeles girl about town, Dina Renee is a pro at pop and one of the most sought after songwriters in Hollywood. Crafting songs of heartbreak, intense relationship pain and the struggles of just being a regular girl in a very irregular city, Dina knows how to write the songs to make millennials catch the feels. Hailing from Knoxville,Tennessee, this southern girl says she always knew she belonged in Los Angeles and front and center stage. Turns out, she was right. Now playing top clubs while planning her us tour and newest single release, Dina Renee is hot and one of Bsquared Management’s most wanted. La a la & it’s all in front of Dina Renee. 

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