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Global Star Amara La Negra and Others Team Up | Bringing Light To Minorities and COVID-19 In Light of Florida’s Rebekha Jones’ Firing

Photo Credit Nate Pearcy

Global Star and advocate Amara La Negra is known for taking a stand.  This time, it’s for her fellow African-Americans and Latinos during this COVID-19 crisis, ensuring they can get real information to keep them safe as underserved communities in this country continue to be disproportionately affected by this horrible outbreak.

Photo Credit Nate Pearcy

Empower “U”, in partnership with Amara La Negra, Singer Pleasure P  and Dr. Darren Thorton of Empower “U” will launch a community educational campaign for African Americans and Latinos on COVID-19 today at noon at the Empower’s main location:  7900 NW 27th Ave in Miami, FL. 

Both artists will visit a neighborhood community health center in Miami from 12:00 – 1:30 PM. Empower “U” services the hardest hit areas, such as Liberty City, which have the highest rate of COVID-19 in Miami-Dade County. They will speak with Empower “U”’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Darren Thornton, M.D. to discuss the challenges they face with virus and their goal to educate communities that have underlining conditions in the importance of staying safe. Now that Scientist Rebekha Jones has been fired for refusing to manipulate date for the state of Florida, this story is more relevant than ever not just for Florida but for the U.S. with statistics being arguable wrong and up for debate.

With Florida being one of the first states to reopen, and Memorial Day being around the corner which brings in thousands of young adults to party on the beaches, Amara and Pleasure P decided to use their voices and platforms to encourage others to be safe. Other hip-hop artists from South Florida have joined the Miami Rise Campaign to disseminate social media messages encouraging residents to be safe, including Uncle Luke, Melky Jean and Shay. Celebrity chef Derrick Turton ,” Owner of House of Mac is donating lunch to healthcare workers on the front line.  

Amara, Dr. Thornton, Pleasure P, and others are available for Zoom interviews to discuss this important matter.

Amara and Pleasure P are also releasing a single, “Whine”, a fun Caribbean-vibe song that will include a dance challenge to remind South Florida residents (and the country) of the importance of practicing safety-first by social distancing, handwashing, and wearing masks. Portion of the single’s proceeds will be going to benefit the Empower “U” Community Health Center. This will coincide with a  “Miami Rise Up Dance Challenge” on social media, with prizes to be announced. Inspiring while advocating.

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