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Green Bay Packer Linebacker Turned Rapper – Tim Williams Tackles A Music Career As $icario500

Former University of Alabama Star, NFL and Green Bay Packer Linebacker Tim Williams is now tackling music off the field as $icario500. The Baton Rouge native has a unique sound, southern swag and its known $icario500 creative stride has made him one of Louisiana’s most anticipated.

With the help of NeverLeveled’s CEO/Founder Guy B Duhon Jr. $icario’s music begin to spin in rotation on 107 Jamz. He then dropped his highly anticipated mixtape “From The Field To The Streets” in March and hasn’t look back since. His single “Suge” has hit iTunes top 200, $icario500 is also featured on club banger “Misused” by his label mate Pee Rarie, which the ladies loves his raspy sound as he speak on his broken heart. As he has the backing of NeverLeveled it is sure $icario500 will be doing more than sacking quarterbacks, definitely will make noise off the field.

I had the chance to sit down and talk with Tim to talk about his visions for his music career and the release of his new single “Open Ya Eyez”.

Tell us about your new single “Open Ya Eyez”. What inspired you to write it and what is it about?

I wrote the song Open Ya Eyez because a lot of people are blind to a fault and because you don’t wanna believe the big picture that’s in front of you.. I was inspired to record this song because I’m tired of see people fall for lies and lust.

What from your experience playing football have you been able to apply to your music career?

I go hard in this music – I live and breath it. It’s my passion. I always wanted to be athlete and make music. That’s the only thing my father taught me how to do. And passed on to me I treat music the same way I approach football. Focus and ready always tryna out do my last output.

How did you come up with the name $icario500 and what does it mean to you?

I came up with tha name $icario500 because I sways admired The (cartel’) structure and loyalty I got it from Pablo Escobar. That’s what he call the men that’s loyal to him. And I 500 stands for my brothers and it’s a degree that we dragons thrive in.

Have you always wanted to pursue music or is this a new discovery for you?

I always wanted to pursue music and be the best artist from my hometown I had a baby young so I shifted my focus to school and sports. But I was always writing rhyming about my life and how hard it was living in Dixie. I love staying around music where I’m from it’s either you play ball. Sell dope gang bang  or jail ….I decided to beat the odds.

Where do you see your music career five years from now?

I see myself doing tours, winning plaques and taking care of my family with the blessings music will bring. I see myself as one of the top artist in the southern region.

The LIVE music space has taken a huge hit because of covid-19. How do you think it’ll recover and do you see the same applying to NFL games as well?

I think it will recover, music brings people together just like sports. I believe things will start getting better. Before it gets worse. I see it applying to my games, because we already working now.

Share with us one of your best memories that you made while playing football.

The best memory I had playing ball was coming back to LSU to play them at home in my hometown and being from Baton Rouge I was hyped as hell, I got the first sack of the game onn the first 3rd down. I looked up to all my Louisiana fans and said what I said. Lol I ain’t gonna repeat that. But I took it there.

What can fans expect in 2020? New music? We’d love to know what you have on the way!

Fans can expect me to drop new music soon with my label mate and fellow dragon Pee Rarie we working on a tape call twin dragons so it’s finna dope.  The vibes gonna be wavy for sure. I got a clothing line as well that’s gonna be appearing in these videos I’m dropping soon, So yea. It’s a go on everything.

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