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Published on May 13th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session With URF Tone (United Republic of Funk)

It’s always a pleasure to have a great conversation and when that conversation revolves around Hip Hop it’s a special treat! Remembering the days when the DJ was really a part of the show and the MC was there to entertain the crowd and big up the DJ is a memory that brings a warm feeling to the heart. That time has not been forgotten by the dynamic duo that is URF Tone (United Republic of Funk) made up of The World Famous N.I.C and Ila whose respect for the art form of Hip Hop and its culture is overwhelmingly refreshing!

I first became aware of the team via their debut joint “Something 4 Ya” and it showcased a perfect pairing kind of like an amazing wine and an incredible meal…for some of you that would be the equivalent to ANYTHING to eat after a gas session LOL. Check out their debut joint below!

Here’s the official line on URF Tone

The World Famous N.I.C and Ila (FKA Icon) recently announced their pairing as the DJ/MC tandem, URF Tone. The duo was previously seen together on stages when Ila performed as a rap artist under the moniker Icon, with N.I.C in tow as his official show DJ (along with his independent endeavors as an on-air personality on KJLH’s The Mixdown, plus club dates throughout Southern California and Las Vegas).

Over the course of their partnership, the two hip hop enthusiasts regularly engaged in dialog celebrating the art form, with a particularly deep affinity for its golden era. Those conversations evolved into mobilization, sparking the birth of URF Tone, where “URF” stands for “United Republic of Funk”. The name is a snapshot of the duo’s guiding principle, as unification-by-way-of-funky-rhythms describes their sound, style, and ultimate objective. They feel the current state of human society is plagued by divisiveness, cloaked in negativity, and far-too-often uplifts those who are least deserving. Although flagrant actions appear to be rewarded with the greatest platforms, URF Tone feels inclined to tap into the pure, simple elements of a creative form they’ve seen connecting people from all walks of life. With their mission solidified, the pair have developed a vacuum-like workshop where they produce, arrange, write and perform their music according to their tenets, with little regard for industry standards and current trends.

Their music can be described as jazzy instrumentation laid over breakbeats, along with tastefully incorporated vinyl cuts and contemporary displays of lyricism. It evokes a feeling of nostalgic familiarity and refreshing newness. URF Tone has also engaged some notable ambassadors from the school that inspires them to fully crystalize their sound. Features in their forthcoming releases include Camp Lo, Mr. Funke (Lords of the Underground), Rae Khalil (Netflix series, Rhythm + Flow), and Uhmeer (actor/rapper, and son of DJ Jazzy Jeff).

After the great introduction of “Something 4 Ya,” the duo is back with a REAL SHOWCASE in the form of the joint “World Famous” which is a dedication to the DJ. Coupled with the lyrical missiles of Ila who is a true MC in every sense of the word, N.I.C puts on a straight clinic as regards putting needle to vinyl and making magic. This is something straight out of the scratch academy and has to be heard…there is no way I can put this in black and white…dig it!

As I mentioned in the opening, The Hype Magazine connected with URF Tone ahead of the drop for “World Famous” to have a conversation about what they are bringing to the table and how they celebrate the art form and culture that is Hip Hop; preserving the traditions that gave the world-dominating genre it’s Herculean strength and Cleopatra-like allure. Tune in below…


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