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Rapper Big Vibe Releases Debut Mixtape “Born King”; Talks the Title and Inspiration for the Project

California was calling his name and he answered. He never looked back and he never will because rapping is his purpose. Chicago native Big Vibe releases his debut 9-song mixtape “Born King” and tells the story of his life, personal struggles, and his journey from Chicago to L.A. He raps, he sings, he harmonizes, he’s without a doubt incredibly talented and he’s different. They call him Big Vibes because of the energy you feel when you listen to his music, it’s the type of energy that makes you feel love, happiness, inspiration, and a deep understanding of life. The vibe is in his soul – the suffering he overcame, the sacrifices he made, the tragedy and triumph expressed distinctly in each song. Big Vibes recently sat down with The Hype Magazine to discuss his new project, the inspiration behind his music, and much more.

Why the name Born King?

I named this mixtape “Born King” because it’s the introduction to who I am. I feel like the day I was born a king was sent to show the world who they are and what they’re capable of. We’re all capable of greatness! It dosen’t matter who you are or where you are in life, you can be the best version of yourself if you make the decision to.

You created this mixtape to inspire and give the culture music to vibe to. In your opinion, which song on the mixtape is most inspirational and what vibe do you intend to convey to your listeners?

In my opinion, the song that is most inspiring is “Blood, Sweat, Tears.” This song is about going homeless in L.A. while chasing my dream. It’s symbolic of sacrificing and not knowing when or how success will come but having faith. A lot of people go through a process when you’re chasing your dream, no one knows the particulars of what that process will be but once you get through it you will see the rewards from the risk that you took.

You rap about very personal struggles that you overcame while pursuing your dreams. How important is it for artists, especially rappers, to address sensitive topics like homelessness and pain?

 Rapping about my personal struggles is important because I want people to see who I am. I hope it inspires them to make the sacrifices that they need to make to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Everyone has a story to tell and I feel like we should tell our stories because it’s a part of who we are and it’s also a part of who someone else is. Music is like therapy, it’s like having someone to talk to that’s going through the same thing that you’re going through in your life.

What are some of your favorite songs on this album?

A really great club song is “Uptown,” it’s a celebration of being at a point in my life where I feel like I’ve overcome my struggles. I went from being homeless to walking red carpets at Hollywood A-List events and being around celebrities. “Stars and Audemars” is another great club song as well. Interestingly, in the hook it say’s “I don’t call men niggers. I call all of my brothers kings so we can know that we’re royalty.” I wrote it after I had just gotten over a break-up and started getting back on focus, things were coming together for me professionally and I knew what type of music I wanted to put out.

What’s next for you Big Vibe?

Bigger vibrations, bigger frequencies, more music, and more vibes.

For more information, follow Big Vibe on IG @therealbigvibe, Twitter @bigvibemusic, and TicTok @Bigvibemusic. The mixtape “Born King” is available on all digital platforms.



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