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Published on May 6th, 2020 | by Brittany Burton


Soundcheck: An Interactive Music Experience For Creatives Worldwide

With the coronavirus shaking up the ideal of normalcy, creatives worldwide are coming up with ways to stay ahead of the curve during quarantine. From creating viral tik tok challenges, to creating virtual live parties on Instagram, and new business ventures the opportunity to reinvent yourself is here! That is exactly what musician and entrepreneur Devin White has done with his new digital platform called Sound Check. As he aims to create a digital space that makes it easier for creatives to get an upper hand and build lasting connections, his serial experience in the entertainment business has prepared him for this new venture. 

Soundcheck is a virtual music space designed to connect creatives and executive professionals within an interactive and completely immersive environment. Created in response to our current global conflict with Covid-19, Soundcheck aims to take strides forward in creating effective and engaging platforms for community building and executive productivity. 

When investor Don Stein launched his Teooh platform he had things such as SoundCheck in mind, so linking up with White was a match made in heaven. “We’ve been working on this technology for years, says Stein. So it means a lot that influential people like Rel Carter, Joie Binns, Rachel Jackson, Drumma Boy, Harmony SamuelsRel Carter, Joey Harris, Hip Hop Mike, Amadeuz, Chinasa Nwokocha, Tiara Purnell, Ashley Lewis and Brittany Burton are helping to bring new technology to the music industry.”

As I had the pleasure of chatting with Devin White, he shared some more insight about the development of Soundcheck in a short interview below. Check it out!

Devin White Interview

Hype: What inspired this new digital platform?

White: I think connecting digitally with new people should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like a task. I wanted to have a dope digital space to streamline my actual community onto, that actually felt engaging. 

Hype: Why did you feel it necessary to link up with Don Stein to produce Soundcheck?

White: linking with Don on Teooh was the perfect storm. The timing made sense and the platform concept was unlike any other digital meeting space. I called Rel [Rel Carter principle influencer on Soundcheck project] hype lol. Soundcheck makes interactive and virtual meetings a real thing.

Hype: What makes this platform different from the others?

White: The platform will ultimately house opportunities for creatives to participate within label meetings, creative workshops, and even marketing and publishing seminars. This is not just your run of the mill digital platform. You’re getting to design yourself in the virtual world and build real relationships through walking up to a table and introducing yourself. This is different.  For me now it’s all about creating things I wish I had access to many years ago. I’ve learned a lot along the way and also have had to unlearn a lot of things I picked up early on in music from people who didn’t really work with the benefit of the creative as their focus. I wanna live out the dream of creating real access for urban communities and leveling the playing field…even outside of music.

Hype: What role does music play in African American’s decision to pursue a career in entertainment?

White: Music is something a lot of African Americans aspire to achieve success in.. it is only right that we’re all afforded the proper tools to know how to. Soundcheck lets creatives travel to places with extraordinary people from inside their living room without the cost of a flight or Airbnb.

As Soundcheck is scheduled to host its first live event on May 14th, be sure to visit the official website for additional information including ticketing.

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