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SuperRare Gives Digital Artists a Platform With Potential for Residual Income

Being an artist of any type can be a difficult career choice and digital artist might have it just a bit harder than most. SuperRare is a platform that gives digital artists a resource to not only market and sell their creations using blockchain technology but gain residual income when their artwork is re-sold. The platform is also a way for fans of art to Discover, collect, and sell •#SingleEdition, SuperRare, digital works of art from leading artists and creators around the world.

The Hype Magazine got the folks at SuperRare to weigh in on a few things!

Tell us about the SuperRare platform and why is it so popular with artists?

SuperRare gives artists who use digital mediums a way to monetize their work. Using SuperRare, artists can give their art a digital identity. With this digital identity art can have a chain of provenance that is impossible to forge, making the art authentic and verifiable to collectors and thus attaining much higher prices than digital art sold in traditional galleries. In addition to the certification tools, the SuperRare platform is an active collector marketplace, making it easy for artists to sell their works. The marketplace additionally has built-in royalty payments in the secondary market, so that each artwork can potentially turn into a passive income stream, which is truly a paradigm shift for creators. Especially in times like these when galleries and museums are closed.

How did the concept come to fruition?

We launched SuperRare two years ago with the mission to build a platform that would allow anyone in the world to be an art collector. It started as a side project with the founders experimenting and it quickly snowballed into the most active digital art marketplace on the internet.

What is the most exceptional thing about SuperRare and what it does for artists that exhibit/sell via the platform?

SuperRare gives artists the ability to earn passive income from art they sell. Every time a collector sells a piece of art, artists receive a payment of 10% of that sale. For decades, the issue of royalty payments and art has been contentiously debated but was never logistically possible. SuperRare has embraced recent technological advancements such as blockchain to make this a reality, and created a paradigm shift, a truly new way to support living artists.

Many people don’t understand blockchain technology, how do you address that on your platform?

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on the user experience and trying to make a product that is intuitive and easy to use. We’re abstracting away as much of the technical blockchain components as possible. Like most technical tools the end user does not need to really understand how the underlying technology works. We want the users of SuperRare to focus on collecting and being inspired by art, not having to worry about blockchain technology.

How do artists connect with SuperRare?

If an artist would like to reach out and connect with us you can say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or join our Discord Chat. Artists who wish to apply to join SuperRare can do so here.

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