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Published on May 22nd, 2020 | by Guest Editor


T R U V O N N E Drops Her Heartbreaking New Single “Coffee & Cigarettes”

North American artist T R U V O N N E returns with her heartbreaking “Coffee & Cigarettes” – the wistful echo of a lost love.

“Coffee & Cigarettes” marks the end of the intimate partnership – shrouded in mournful soundscapes and rumbling electronics. Her soft vocals are met with the distant echo of her lost lover, repeating their parting lines as the romantic binds begin to unravel.

“We all live in a place of doubt – constantly feeling as though we are inadequate. We do not trust ourselves or our judgement which causes us to ultimately never even try. We love to not love. We feel to not feel. We run to stay,” T R U V O N N E explains. “We are caught in the idea that we cannot make the correct decision, so we’d rather make no decision at all. So instead we do the opposite of engaging in things meant to be intimate and when we do feel, it does not hurt as much. When we do fall we have a parachute. But even then, let’s be honest. You can never guarantee your landing.”

“Coffee & Cigarettes” showcases T R U V O N N E’s ability to detail intimate narratives in her life, connecting effortlessly with her audience.

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