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Published on May 8th, 2020 | by Al Geiner


The Interview with Songwriter Tom Seibert

Thomas Seibert is a song writer specializing in guitar-based rock and pop songs. He studied song-writing with Jimmy Kachulis and Neil Diercks of Berklee College, Boston, and has worked with artists in Europe and the US. Originally from Germany, he lived in London and Washington, DC, before moving to Istanbul, Turkey. 

A native of Boston, MA, Tracey Doherty has been singing and performing all of her life. A graduate of Emerson College in Boston she began her collegiate career in performing arts but was drawn to the world of live television in her second year of

university. She worked for over 20 years as a television director before deciding to upend her entire life and move to Istanbul, Turkey, where she began teaching English. Finding a vibrant and lively city of like-minded and talented musicians

made it easy to rekindle and pursue her first true love: music. She has collaborated with diverse bands, songwriters and musical organizations in Istanbul, playing in an acoustic duo, 5 and 6 piece bands and often lending her time and talent for numerous charitable causes.


What first got you into music?

There was always music around the house when I was a child. My grandfather was church organist and conductor of the choir in the small town where I grew up, and my mother sang and played the piano. When I was a teenager, I finally picked up a guitar that my brother had played for a while.

Who inspired you to make music? .

I got together with some friends from my town and formed a band that didn’t get very far, but I caught the bug. Since then, I have played in bands in Germany, the US and in Istanbul, and the joy of live music never left me.

 How would you describe the music that you typically create?

It’s mostly guitar-based rock and pop music with some country rock thrown in. But I have also written blues numbers and a special kind of German pop music – called “Schlager” – for some of my clients.

 What is your creative process like? 

It depends on what the situation is. If a client wants a certain kind of song, the process follows their ideas. Sometimes I work on lyrics that someone gives me, and sometimes I chase a riff or a groove, and sometimes a line for a chorus comes along that I take as a starting point.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

There are so many great artists that I would like to work with, but if I had to choose one now, I would probably go for Jack Antonoff. He has great energy and creativity.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be? 

The Bleachers, of course! 

What is one message you would give to your fans and clients? 

You will always get songs from me that are sincere in the sense that it’s music I would like to play and listen to myself.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs? 

I often wake up with a song on my mind that follows me into the shower. It can be one of my own songs or something I heard on the radio or online.

 How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

It’s been a revolution. On the one hand, it’s never been so easy to create and publish music – songs can be listened to all over the world, going straight from the songwriter to the listener without A&R people, labels or agents in between. But on the other hand, it’s never been so difficult to get your songs heard, exactly because everybody is publishing like crazy. Spotify founder Daniel Ek was quoted last year as saying close to 40,000 tracks were uploaded to the platform every day.

 What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

Be you. Songwriting is a business, but you have to love what you are doing.

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