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Published on May 23rd, 2020 | by Darren Paltrowitz


Tony Terlato & Corey Blake On Terlato Wines, The Dueling Pistols Wine Label & Launching A Podcast

Terlato Wines is the leading marketer of luxury wines in the U.S. with a global portfolio of more than 80 exceptional brands and more than 90 wines. Among its acclaimed brands are Alta Mora, Big Max, Boutari, Chapoutier Belleruche, Cecchi, Cusumano, Dueling Pistols, Giuliana Prosecco, Glass Mountain, Greystone Cellars, Hanna, Jack’s House Wines, La Mora, Loveblock, Marius, Maxville, Nederburg, Riondo, Seven Daughters, Shimizu-No-Mai, Tamari, The Federalist, Trenel and Two Oceans.

The Dueling Pistols brand of Terlato Wines has people talking, not just because it produces great wine, but because its brand has a podcast of its own. There are nine characters you will see on the Dueling Pistols label and hear about on said podcast, including two main characters, Eli Guyot and Edward O’Rourke. This origination story — crafted by Round Table Companies — presents part-historical fiction, part-mystery and part-time-traveling immersion, while also providing further dimension to the underlying tension in each bottle. Truly a unique multi-sensory experience.

To learn more about said podcast, I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Anthony “Tony” J. Terlato II, the National Director Of On-Premise Sales for Terlato Wines International, and Round Table Companies’ CEO and Founder Corey Blake. Smart, warm and well-informed folks doing great work. More on Terlato, Dueling Pistols and said podcast can be found via www.terlatowines.com and also by clicking over to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dueling-pistols/id1500643027

Where did the idea for this podcast come from?

Tony Terlato Jr.: The podcast was inspired with its target consumer in mind. We’ve seen a lot of popularity for the brand amongst its fans especially those wanting to learn more about the main, mysterious characters on the labels.

When did you first get into podcasts?

Corey Blake: I’ve been into non-fiction business podcasts for several years, and when I lived in Los Angeles from 1997 to 2006, I taught myself screenplay writing as I moved from acting to directing and producing. But those two had never intersected until Terlato approached me about helping tell the story of Dueling Pistols.

How would you describe the podcast to someone who hasn’t yet listened?

Tony Terlato Jr.: Each episode of the Dueling Pistols podcast takes listeners down the dirt trodden roads of the Old Wild West to discover the stories behind the nine main characters on the label and their individual journeys. The ten-episode series was written in partnership with creative storytelling company, Round Table Companies and produced by Podfly, to show that a lot of thought and historical research went in to getting the stories right based of its historic setting. Each 15 to 30-minute episode is narrated by the character Wesley Clapp, the son of a preacher in search of a young woman he met during his journey to the town that the podcast is based out of Hangtown, California in the 1830’s.

Corey Blake: would grab em by the collar and say, “Did you love the movie Tombstone? If you did, you’ll understand what I mean when I say this desperately wants to be Tombstone. It’s not. Not even close. But it will remind you of Tombstone. And for Tombstone lovers, that’s worth something.”

Right now almost everyone I know who’s working is working from home. Are you able to do all of your work from home?

Tony Terlato Jr.: Thankfully, I’m able to do most work from home. We’re still supporting retail accounts and our partners by stocking shelves and creating wine displays in stores. People still need to drink!

Corey Blake: My company, RTC, has been remote since I founded it in 2005. Our staff live all around the U.S. and Canada. So we didn’t get slapped in the face with a steep learning curve. We were lucky.

Everything is a bit uncertain at the moment, but what is coming up for the podcast and also the Dueling Pistols brand this year?

Tony Terlato Jr.: We have vigorous sales and distribution goals for Dueling Pistols this year, along with download and listenership goals for the podcast itself and we are investing in promotion of the podcast nationally.

Corey Blake: I would love to do another podcast. My team and I had a blast working on Dueling Pistols. We just launched a virtual art wall called #unitedbycovid to artistically capture this moment in time during the pandemic. We’ve got entries from all over the world. In fact, until June 5th, readers can still go to the site, www.unitedbycovid.com, and share a thought. If they do, we will turn it into a piece of art.

On the Dueling Pistols end, do you have a favorite of the wine offerings?

Tony Terlato Jr.: The Dueling Pistols Dry Creek Red Blend — 50 percent Zinfandel, 50 percent Syrah — because it shows the complexity of two powerful grape varietals. Zin and Syrah can both have intense expressions on their own, and I love how they come together to complement one another in the Dry Creek Blend. It tends to go really well with anything off the grill.

Corey Blake: The Paso Robles Red Blend for sure. It’s sublime.

What was the last concert you attended before the current COVID-19-related quarantine?

Tony Terlato Jr.: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats at the Chicago Theater. It was a killer show.

Corey Blake: Uhhhhhh, yeah… Concert? I caught Beyonce at Soldier Field in 2016. Why you gotta call me out, Darren? (laughs)

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Tony Terlato Jr.: Stay safe and keep yourself busy by listening to the Dueling Pistols podcast series!

Corey Blake: You’re a Daisy if you do.

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