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Published on May 26th, 2020 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who is A.T.L.D.V. ?

As you see yourself, who is A.T.L.D.V. ?

Well 1st let us thank you and HYPE for giving us an opportunity grace your Magazine and talk with you about our ongoing journey in this industry. Because we know there are so many Major artists that you could have giving this interview too and for that we truly appreciate you giving it us. Now who is A.T.L.D.V.? We are simply Artist That’s Living a Dream Vision. The Band comprised of Amy Christine, Nako DeVincci and Ike Nyce cater to all those lovers of R&B music and are all Artist in our own right that have come together with a common goal of creating great fun and timeless R&B music in a body of work today known as the future of R&B bands.

What brought the band to the entertainment industry and music specifically?

Funny story this is Ike Nyce by the way. I was on tour working for Earth Wind & Fire a few years back overseas and I didn’t know that this Legendary Band had the kind of Fan base that my mother and father use to fan out about then when I was a kid still to this day (because in America we don’t keep our Legendary R&B Bands in the spot light like we other genre of music do for their Legendary Bands if you know what I mean) but when they hit the stage and 10 thousand plus ppl of all ages and colors started fanning out it was awesome to see. That’s when I said if these guys who have been doing this for over 30year still got ppl loving them internationally and still respected at home, I want to put a band together and do the same thing… specifically R&B because NOBODY is writing and recording music together in the form of Bands, Groups or Duos when it comes to R&B. and We don’t want that legacy R&B Bands to get lost in the world of urban music that is currently mostly hip hop with a dash of R&B.

What and/or who influenced the sound A.T.L.D.V. bring today?

Hey this is Amy Christine well the sound for us I think has a very broad scope of R&B, I bring a pop appeal to the band’s sound and Ike Nyce is the soul of the band and Nako DeVincci is the hip Hop and futuristic sound of the band, that gives us alil bit of what our parents would like to hear in our music alil bit of what we like to hear in our music and a look into what we think the
kids that are listening to our music would like to hear from us,, Our influences run from Prince, Outkast, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Dua Lipa , Sara Bareilles, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and EWF.

What was the biggest obstacle A.T.L.D.V. has faced so far as?

So far the only Obstacle that we are facing is some of the old head ways of thinking industry Gate keepers (Our Urban industry not taking the time to see that it doesn’t show the same support like the Pop Music industry when it comes to supporting our R&B Groups ,Bands & Duos that goes for new or established Acts). We are not saying the Gate Keepers don’t support R&B Artist because they do and we appreciate that they still do. We understand that it more economic to have a solo act than it is to have a band, group or duo signed, but in the end if you support a Mary J or a Beyoncé or Bruno Mars you still gonna have to promo them on the road with these 360 deals that they are doing now which means they gonna have a band performing
with them live and it’s the same dollars being spent to support the solo act, all we are hoping for is to get the same opportunity to share with the culture what we have written as band, not only for us, but for other Bands, Groups and Duos who may want to work together and build a brand of R&B music for the culture, like a few who are getting sum support from labels that are seeing the light, bands like THE INTERNET, THE FREE NATIONALS, PHONY PPL all very different type of R&B but they are bands that have been getting support nevertheless.. now when it comes to Radio, that a whole other issue because if you don’t have the lil bit of support from a major label like I was saying then it super hard to get the urban programmer to give you the
support you need at radio.. imma stop there cause I could go much deeper on that subject but at the end of the day we all just need the support of our urban outlets like you and HYPE are blessing us with today.

What do you want people to get from your music?

We want the same thing we think Earth Wind and Fire wanted when they started, which is to have our listeners have fun with the music & be in love with the music, have sex to the music, but most of all know that there is a real message in the music. All you gotta do is listen from the beginning to the end and there is a message in there for OUR PEOPLE

Tell us about your current project?

The new Album is called THE FUTURE OF R AND B BANDS it’s all about the legacy of R&B Band before us and where we want to take that legacy in the future. The project has everything on there from that old school feel on the song (LUV THIS LIFE) to futuristic songs like (FANTASY) and Social Conscious songs like (STAND UP & FIGHT) we are very in touch with our international friend on the project with Songs like (WERK) and (TAKE ME AWAY).

What do you feel has been your greatest life achievement so far?

So far the greatest thing we have done is get a group of black like-minded artists together to write and record together with very different backgrounds to have a common goal. Which is to reach all ages, colors and groups ppl that LUV R&B MUSIC.

If A.T.L.D.V. could collaborate with one artist or band, living or dead, who would it be and why?

This Amy Christine I would love for us to work with Mary J Blige because she’s fun on stage and her music is real and authentic and gets any crowd going. Ok, this is Ike Nyce, I would have loved for us to collaborated with Prince (I did meet him backstage at a Badu after set jam on the sugar water tour) He spoke to me and I thought I was in his band, lol but when I asked for a
picture I quickly got a reality check. Prince doesn’t do Photos!! But it would be Prince because he’s a master at band direction on stage which makes his band so on point because they work as ONE UNIT on stage.

If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?

LUV THIS LIFE because this song really is saying be the best you can be, live your best life and LUV IT. We only get one life and I really love this life of mine, even thru this pandemic I have found that I love the extra time I get with the kids, with myself to write more and get to thank God more & more for all the Lil things He has brought us thru and that why I LUV THIS LIFE.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

This is Amy Christine mine will have to be when I had a bad break down on a carnival ride in midair in front of everyone lol This Ike Nyce mine was not long ago, I was on a plane headed to a show and this man (not American descent) was coughing and sneezing all over the place with no mask (B.C. Before Corona) and I was like WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? Ok this Nako
Devincci, One time we were doing opening for Fantasia on tour, and after our set, we go in the lobby to do meet & greets with the ppl. One lady that wanted to take a picture with us, while we were taking the picture was rubbing all on my ass and she whispered in my ear can I take her backstage to show her my dressing room. Lol WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?  I think she
wanted to see more than that dressing room..lol

Thanks for having us and we hope to see you in person once this is all over and we can get back to touring and look for our new video Hotel out now and our upcoming video Take Me Away coming this summer. Peace & Love. A.T.L.D.V.

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