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Published on May 11th, 2020 | by Jerry Doby


Who Is Loshendrix?

Loshendrix is an LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist silently breaking through the music industry with records like current Billboard Hot 100 single  “Walk Em Down” by NLE Choppa ft. Roddy Rich. He produced recently released single “Everybody Business” by Kehlani. Loshendrix prides himself on his co-development of Brent Faiyaz and having produced records on every one of his albums including the most recent album “Fuck The World” with records like Been Away, Let Me Know, Clouded. He also produced and played on three records on Childish Gambino’s most recent album “3.15.20”. Not to mention multiple records on Giveon’s debut EP “Take Time”. These are just a few of his most recent projects.

The Hype Magazine got Loshendrix to weigh in on a few things!

How did you get into the music game?

“It really wasn’t one thing that opened the door it was a collection of events. Really I would say it started when I came to LA for the first time with Buda The Future and Grandz Musik and I met Nascent the producer and Cardiak. After that, I met Paperboy Fabe through Nascent and really that spun off into working with a lot of people.”

What was your first major placement and how did it come about?

“My first placement was actually with my first production team called “Contraband” consisting of me, Mike Spits and Mike Mulah and it was with “The LOX“ a song called “Footage”.

How does it feel to have a joint on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart?

“Man it feels great, I’m very thankful, you never know when it’s going to happen”

How many instruments do you play and do you have a favorite?

“ I play the guitar the best but the bass is actually my favorite. I play some piano as well and I program n sound design in Protools and reason.”

Do you prefer to be in the studio with the artist or are you cool with the remote recording realm?

“I prefer being in the room with artists honestly you get the best vibe. In the world of corona I don’t know how long it’s gonna take back to this but it is the best way.”

Do you have a standard creative process and if so what does that look like?

“Honestly, most of the time it starts with a guitar but it changes every time, sometimes it’s an arcade sound, a drum loop or bass line, it could be anything or even an artist singing or humming a melody. Also collaborating with other producers is top for me but I have my go to guys at this point.”

What’s coming up for you in 2020?

“It’s a bunch I can’t talk about some I know are confirmed and some Aren’t. I’ve been working a lot with Nascent, Cash Money AP, Wondagurl, Sevn Thomas, Swiff D, and DJ Dahi before this corona jumped off. “

Any guidance for new producers trying to break in?

“Honestly networking in person is the best but I mean in this day and age things are different but that’s personally how I got in just showing people my music in sessions in people’s faces.”

Where can we find you online?

@loshendrixx on Instagram and @loshendrix on Twitter

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