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Published on June 3rd, 2020 | by Bobby.Johnson


Artist B-Hazz Talks Music, Legendary Producers and More!

We sat down with up-and-coming hip hop/pop vocalist, B-hazz. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY; the native is making his way to being one of the hottest new artist of 2020. “Throw it Back” follows up the release of “Benjis,” a listener favorite among three singles that have dropped since his debut album “Far From Average” in 2019. Read our full-length interview below:

What inspired the stage name B-Hazz?

I’ve never really been asked that before to be honest, this is my first time. My real name is Bradley Hazzan. So I kind of took my real name, and transformed it into a really dope stage name. So it’s true to heart. 

What was it like transitioning into music/ tell us about your start in music?

I’ve kind of been switching off between genres over the years. I started when I was in 5th grade. Green Day got me into music in general with Billie Joe Armstrong. I started playing the guitar in 5th grade. And then I kind of got into punk rock band where I was the lead singer. We were doing a lot of sold out shows in Buffalo and Rochester, kind of locally. There came a point where they wanted to do harder music and I wanted to get more mainstream to a more poppier level to appeal to a broader audience. I went my separate way from them, and started doing acoustic music. I did an album with that, that kind of didn’t do much for me. Then I decided to move toward the hip-hop/pop side of things and that’s when things started to move forward in a better direction. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been doing music. I can express myself a lot better than I was doing pop/punk music.  Even though I love pop/punk music, it will always be a part of me. With Hip hop and pop music, I’m able to give people my emotions on a different level. I can do a confident song and then I can move into an emotional song which is kind of what I’m doing for my next album –  it’s a lot of emotional heartbreak type of stuff.

Tell us about your latest or upcoming projects?

I have my own studio and me and my team are in the studio about six days a week, and we are picking to see what’s going to be on the next album, I know it’s going to be emotional heartbreak stuff, I have about six lined up so far. I have a really dope feature from a bigger artist that’s going to be on one of my songs on the album no doubt. I don’t want to release the name just yet, but it’s a surprise, and it’s going to be really cool.

Who are you most inspired by /Who are some producers/artists you would like to work with in the future?

The first name that comes to mind is the legendary Lil Wayne, his lyricism and word play, I’ve got to throw him as number one, no doubt. Then there are a couple of other names I wish I could have worked with, Michael Jackson is one, I wish I could have at least seen him perform live. Close enough to him, I guess I would say The Weeknd. I’m really inspired by those three artists. Like I said, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong got me into music, that’s always going to be a piece of me. John Mayer at one point inspired me. 6lack’s music speaks to me on an inspirational level, I listen to a lot of young dolph, Key Glock, Hoodrich Pablo Juan. My variety is kind of out there.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

The advice I would give to anybody that’s following a dream no matter what it is, if it’s acting, music, – is to never give up and to keep pushing yourself to the limit. It takes so much, including sometimes not sleeping. It’s not easy to reach your goals and a lot of people don’t see the behind the scenes part of it, they only see what’s presented in front of them. They don’t see the work that really goes in to achieving goals in life. I’m achieving goals every day, and one thing I always say is, it’s one step closer on a daily basis. I’m obviously not on a level I want to be on yet, but everyday is a new push and a new accomplishment. Never giving up is definitely a major key because if you don’t and you just keep getting better and perfecting your craft and your passion, then one day you’re going to get where you want to be. As long as you keep with it and put your time and money towards it, and just everything you have and you’re going to win at the end.

Where can fans find you?

My home base is that’s my website where you can watch my videos, see my pictures, read about it, pretty much the whole nine yards is on the website. My instagram: @bhazzmusic Twitter: @bhazzmusic and my Youtube is 


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