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Published on June 24th, 2020 | by MJ


Donny Anderson shares new lyric video for “Lovin’ You”

Donny Anderson is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, ON who is known for his heartfelt lyrics, instantly recognizable voice and big stage presence. As an artist and songwriter, Donny has worked with/written for many major label artists, Canadian Idols, and has had several major television and movie placements. His songwriting and artistry has amassed Billboard attention, a European #1, a Canadian top 10 single, West Jet in-flight entertainment placements and international touring. Donny has been working with many heavyweight songwriters and producers for his debut album coming in 2021. 

Donny’s first single of the year, “Lovin’ You,” features the legendary singer, Divine Brown, and is supported by the Songwriter’s Association of Canada. 

You can now watch the lyric video to “Lovin’ You” and read our exclusive interview below!

What makes ‘Lovin’ You’ different from your past work?

‘Lovin’ You’ is the first song I’ve put out in quite some time and I feel like you can hear my growth and evolution in this song.  I was able to implement a lot of my own production ideas into this single which I hadn’t really done in the past.  ‘Lovin’ You’ is the starting point for a more dynamic sound and chapter in my life and I think it has a heightened vibe that shines through.

Can you describe the concept behind the track?

When we wrote it at a Songwriter’s Association of Canada songwriter camp, the producer came with a track that had an old school throwback style.  We wanted to catch that feel-good summer anthem nostalgic vibe in the melodies and lyrics and keep everything very positive.  The concept was to make people feel good and have something enjoyable to hear that they could move to.  Something easy on the ears and hearts of all the listeners so they could take away only good feelings, lift their day and make them smile.

How would you describe your artistic evolution throughout your career?

When I was young I started as a country singer.  As my voice grew and I settled into my own artistic side, the sound started to become more soulful and had more depth.  I always carry the songwriter side of me into every situation and session, and I am very versatile between genre and styles depending on what I’m working on – whether it’s for me as an artist, or for someone else.  Songwriting for others came later in life for me, as I was never solely focussed on being that and truthfully didn’t really know if I could write songs or not.  I think life has different stages and as an artist I simply try to find what speaks to me when I feel like I am ready to have something to say and put something out into the world.  Artistic evolution is such a beautiful thing and I try to personally stand out of the way of it as a whole and feel whatever I’m feeling at that moment in time.

What’s been the biggest change in your life over the past year?

This past year I’ve grown a lot as an artist and I started to feel the need to get back into the artist seat – put my artist hat back on and start releasing things.  The past several years I had spent a lot of time working on other people’s projects and gave my own artist journey a back seat.  I’ve realized this past year that I needed to keep a healthy balance between my artistry and songwriting to feel fulfilled and centred and make sure I’m taking care of everything around me at once.  I’ve also realized that life isn’t as complicated as I used to make it and I’m remembering what makes me an artist, my voice and where I fit into the grand scheme of music and community.

What song by another artist do you wish you had written?

Purple Rain by PRINCE is one of those songs that completely encapsulates a vibe and what it really means to be an artist and songwriter.  This song is definitely one I wish I had written.  There are only a select batch of songs that become music industry classics – this is one of them.  I think that PRINCE was able to create something so deep and magical that it resonates to this day in a way that it exceeds expression in words.

And finally, where can readers keep up with what you are doing?

Readers can find me at and keep up with all the latest there.   They can also subscribe to the mailing list to get more news as well as exclusives from me as an artist.

And finally, I’m on all of the social and streaming platforms:






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