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Entrepreneur Boaz BagBag Introduce’s New All Inclusive Car Rental Service To NYC

Lease a livery vehicle in NYC and drive your dream! Successful entrepreneur Boaz BagBag has introduced his car rental company BSD Tree to help you to get on the road behind the best wheels and make great money! Don’t worry about credit; they help all good drivers to lease their own livery vehicle in New York City (NYC) Metro Area, as well as CT, Rockland, Westchester and Bergen Co, NJ. BSD Tree specializes in leasing the latest models of the best quality vehicles that are legally approved and registered under the Taxi and Limousine Commission of NYC. Their terms are the most flexible in NYC. The vehicles are their to help potential delivery drivers who can’t necessarily commit to a monthly car payment. We sat down with Boaz to talk about how he sees the company developing and what makes his rental leasing agency unique compared to others.

What is the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?

Helping others and bringing new ideas to life and to help create unity among others. It’s why I do what I do!

What inspired the idea to launch Boaz Bagbag?

We have to make changes in the world for the people so that we can progress to be more inclusive and empathetic toward others plights and circumstances.

What makes your company different from other car rental services?

My company is different because I choose to put the people first. Most the rental companies don’t allow you to share vehicles or deliveries and most of them don’t have a community location of pick up, which is what we’re trying to implement. We care about the environment and hope to encourage ride share to reduce traffic on the streets. And the cost is expensive; we plan to make our cars realistically affordable for the people who need them most.

What did you do before launching your company?

I used to work in the automotive industry and was well trained on every level when it comes to transportation. It was the perfect launching pad toward what I’m doing today.

How do you think public transportation will be affected by covid-19 long term?

From what I see, due to COVID-19, many people are avoiding public transportation because there is not enough protection being provided so that they feel safe riding. We will add a developed structure for all of our renters to be provided with the equipment to make them feel safe while driving cars that were potentially leased to other riders.

Do you plan to launch an app for easy access?

In the future yes. No plans for this yet 🙂

How will your company stay environmentally aware of climate change?

We plan on using as many hybrid vehicles and also will be offering the options of electrical vehicles in the future.

What is next for your company? Do you have any big announcements in the works?

Creating a network or rental points that under crisis will provide first responders and essential workers to continue to work between states even if public transportation is shuts down.

You can learn more about BSD Tree on their website here.

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