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How to Play Slots for Free

It’s the ultimate for any online casino and slots lover – finding out how to play slots for free. A game of chance and triumph, slots are a joy for all. But, it can be hard sometimes to find slots which are within budget, and sometimes perhaps you just want a few practice spins before paying to play. Read on to discover free slots and play today. 

Sign Up to Online Casino Promotions 

Many online casino Promotions offer players to game with slots for free. Any good online casino will offer this as these kinds of casino promotions work both ways. For the customer, they get a chance to try slots they may not have otherwise chosen. For the online casino – they get a new customer. 

With any good online casino, to get hold of casino promotions all you need to do in most cases is simply join them. Other times, it’s as easy as an email sign up. Some online casinos out there do want other things though, like a player to meet a spins requirement before accessing casino promotions. 

Take Advantage of Free Spins 

With many online slot games – in particular slots with the Megaways feature, you can play to win free games and free spins. A lot of the time it can even be as simple as finding a specific symbol to appear on the reels, either way it’s pretty easy. Another fun way players can get free spins with slots is by winning pick and mix style games. 

There’s really a wide range of ways players can get free spins with slots, and which way you decide to get free spins with slots entirely depends on your preference. If you want our advice though, slots with the Megaways feature are where it’s at. These slots do tend to offer more free spins than most of the others out there. 

Join your Online Casino VIP Loyalty Scheme 

If you’re already with an online casino, it’s likely you know about this way to play slots free already. Joining your online casino VIP loyalty scheme is one of the best ways to get free slot games, and free too a lot of the time. Although, it is worth mentioning that in some instances you will have to pay to be a member. 

With your online casino VIP loyalty scheme, there are reasons it is worth considering joining. Firstly, as we’ve mentioned, you can play free slots. In addition, you can get access to exclusive casino games and prizes that the general members of the online casino won’t have access to. Sometimes you’ll even get a little bonus on your birthday. 

Playing Slots for Free Conclusion 

These are just some of the ways players can play slots for free, and we’re sure there are many other ways out there. All of the above are however, tried and tested true. Playing slots for free is a great way to get some practice in and simply try a slot out before you decide to pay for it. Why not head to your favourite online casino and play slots free today?


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