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Indika Sam – Normal feat. Famous Dex

Moreno Valley, California rapper Indika Sam, better known as simply Indika, began gaining attention in 2018 with her Cole Bennet-directed video “SOSS”. Currently, Indika has exploded to the surface of hot new artists with her brand new hit, titled, “Up”. Introducing the masses to her undeniable charisma, magnetic appeal and refreshing originality.

A familiar story, discovering her passion for music as an adolescent among socializing with her peers. A young stoner, Indika credits friendly freestyling to beginning her musical journey.

“I taught myself it started out being something I did when I was high with my friends and turned into my life. We would hotbox my car and freestyle for hours just laughing and vibing. The more I freestyled the better I got. As an evolving artist, I’d say I’m still finding my sound because I’m constantly growing and experiencing different emotions which have a major effect on what type of sound I’m focusing on.”

A double impact, lyrically, Indika is loose cannon with her clever racy innuendos and explosive impulse street lingo. You never know what this little firecracker will rap next. Impressionable, averting from the normal overtly sexualized persona most female lyricists adapt to succeed, Indika creates her own lane with rambunctious antics, uncontrollable positive energy and irresistible swagger which has been displayed visually by the new star since day one.

And with early breakout tracks “Stack” and “Sucker,” Indika’s fame grew quickly, and she gained more fans and followers, she attracted collaborations with other recording artists Famous Dex and Honey Berry Jesus.

Throughout 2019, Indika’s trippy sound was covered on high-profile outlets like No Jumper. And with the popularity, Indika would appear on popular podcasts like the We Don’t Smoke the Same podcast. This lead to the introduction of Indika’s legion of followers known as the BAD1NFLU3NCE Gang.

A known hashtag on social media (#BAD1NFLU3NCE), the trendy fan club embodies the complete persona of the rising artist. Exhibited throughout her shows, fans are rowdy, riot inciteful and purely electrifying as they recite every word the youngster spits out.

Aside from Kamaiyah and Saweetie, while there has been a resurgence in West Coast Hip Hop, its been a shortage in female rappers coming out of the West Coast. As one of the many new faces of new age Hip Hop, Indika Sam is a necessary trendsetter able to begin a new wave of other female lyricists like herself to follow.

“Don’t be scared to experiment. There could be a whole new sound that only you can create but won’t if you’re closed-minded.”

In 2020, Indika is excited to provide her BAD1NFLU3NCE Gang with a forthcoming EP and more singles full of good energy. Along with music videos that will allow you to take a trip into Indika’s animated mind.”

To continue Indika Sam’s journey, follow the rising star on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify for daily updates.

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